Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well I've managed to organise a good plan for building up mileage before the Tokyo marathon. It looks like I can get in enough Ks in the next 4 weeks to give me the confidence that I can finish reasonably strong and crack it for a PB.

Now if only my dodgy ankles hold up I'll be fine. I ran 90mins today and my ankles were a bit sore the right one that is usually no problem started to give me some grief but there were patches in the run where they both went numb and I could cruise.

I won't run injured but if I listened too closely to my aches and pains I probably wouldn't run at all.


  1. Aches and pains are often present, don't even think that means you are injuried!
    How exciting your marathon is close! You were lucky enough get a place on it, now time to enjoy being there!!

  2. That's one of the greatest skills a runner can have - the ability to determin if an injury can be run through, or if it just needs a day or two off, or, touch wood, longer.

    Good luck in reading your ankles :)

  3. Hope those ankles hold up- I have just started physio for mine, but I am not trying to run a marathon on mine- half will do me just fine! Lots of ice etc works for me. (oh and hiding the pain with anti inflam tablets!)

  4. I'd be worried I was dead if I didn't have some sort of a niggle :-)