Friday, January 12, 2007

Food for thought

Got in another 10K late last night. Thursday is a busy with work and it being so cold I can't get up early enough to get my run in as I already have to leave my house at 6:00am to get to work on time. I finish at 9:00pm and try to run then but often I feel tried and don't have a good one. But last night was fine started to feel strong as the run went on, always a good sign.

As far as the Natto diet is concerned I share your doubts and too believe there are no short cuts with weight loss. Having said that, I really like the taste of natto anyway and it is bloody good for you so I'll try doing this morning and night and see what happens in two weeks. Stephen was right and after a little research I found that it is supposed to help you lose weight by firing up your metabolism. We will see.


  1. That's interesting about natto's supposed ability to increase metabolic rate. At least there is some physiological rationality to it. Another problem though is that as individuals we are usually never a proper controlled trial that can attribute efficiacy to the natto (or other silver bullet). Let's say you eat the natto morning, noon, and night to try and lose weight. This will indicate that you are so motivated about weight loss that you will adjust your diet in other ways as well (reduced carbs? less oil? fewer sweets?). And you are also getting in some extra miles of marathon training. So then when the weight loss comes, which was it? The natto, the other diet changes, or the running?
    I'm not saying the natto won't work or that you shouldn't try it, just that when you shed your 4 kg, as I am sure you will, we need to be careful about interpreting how you achieved it. It is nearly always a combination of things.

  2. Yes Stephen, I agree that interpreting the loss of weight as coming only from Natto would be to ignore the other factors you mentioned.

    I reckon its results would be minimal in controls tests, maybe a half kilo at most over two weeks. Yet, the mind having the power that it does will work to make whatever you beleive become true in reality.

    So I'm yelling everyday in the tone of Martin Luther King, "I BELIEVE IN NATTO!" "I BELIEVE!"

    OI OI OI



  4. Coming from someone that loves all things soy (in fact, I have a major weakness for asian food in general), I don't think the Australian public is ready for Natto without a little more culinary education. Scott, it doesn't really matter, because if you enjoy it, then I reckon you eat it!

    I think that Tesso has the right of it though; a cup of soy jelly would be a refreshing change as PM...... (oops, didn't mean to start a political debate).

  5. You should be tired after a long day and starting a run at 9. When I run in the afternoon I can't sleep. Great you still have nights like this. Seems like your days need more hours.
    Let's see what happens with the Natto. Still it sounds like you are very focused and certainly will be making many more changes. At the end we won't know what really made the trick as I'm convinced you will loose that extra weight!

  6. Wow you are working some seriously long hours! I can't imagine going running at that time of night, I'm usually thinking of bed at that time. Might have to google Natto just out of interest.

  7. And the coffee flavoured cream sandwich version on Steve's blog looks almost edible.