Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Natto diet

After two days of no carbs I ate some rice for breakfast and lunch today and had a great 10K run in the early evening. Keeping my heart rate under 160BPM I did 10K in 47mins and ended the session with a sprint up my local version of heartbreak hill.

I also came across a way to lose weight that I thought I'd share. I can't say for sure if it works but it's simple and worth the two week try.

I saw this on an hour long Japanese TV special and it goes like this. You remain eating the same food, healthly of course, that you normally eat but just add a serving of natto in the morning with breakfast and one at night with dinner. The key is to mix the natto into a kind of gel by stirring it at least 50 times and then leave it to sit for 20 minutes before eating. That is it! And apparently if you do this, all things being equal, you will be 3 kgs lighter after a two week period.

You must be able to get natto now in Australia, The US and Europe so if your looking
to loss a few KGS It might be worth a go.

You may think "WOW WHAT A GREAT GUY" he is giving away this info even though he has a bet with Clairie to lose weight but contrary to popular believe I'm a kind and forbearing man.


  1. Interesting Scott, I will keep an eye out for natto next time I am in Woolies. I certainly have a couple of kilos to shed before the Canberra Marathon.

    I liked your comments on Shane's blog about work. You're right, you konw, us bloggers don't talk about work much. As you suggested, I couldn't think of anything better than winning lotto and becoming a full time runner.

  2. So what is natto? And how does it work if you are still eating the same amount of other food? Oh, if the answer is yicky I don't want to know ;-)

    PS We already thought "WOW WHAT A GREAT GUY" :-)

  3. This sounds to good to be true. I'm with Tesso, it sounds suspicious.

  4. Tesso

    Natto is fermented soy beans. I don't know how it works if you are still eating the same foods either.

    And yes RU it does sound suspicious.

    But "you got to have faith" as they say.

  5. You lose weight because your stomach is full of gel and you can't eat as much. I like that theory - still being able to eat whatever I want!! Just less of it! I'll keep an eye out for natto too.

  6. mmm Natto heh. Well I guess the secret is keeping it up for two weeks. Man I don't think I could eat Soy Bean extract for two weeks. Are you meant to eat it BEFORE you eat your normal food? If that is the case then can't i just have a diet shake or something (never had those either) if the concept is just to fill you up to reduce your appetite.

    Will be interested to see how you go with this.

    Official weigh in for me was 57.6 this morning so that sort of shocked me and motivated me to increase the training to move a bit more!!!!

  7. You have to eat it after you have eaten everything else. And here is the secret: the stuff is so vile it makes you puke up your whole meal. Pretty obvious I would have thought ;-)

    Seriously, I am also a bit of a skeptic due to my belief that weight loss is an incredibly simple equation of calories in minus calories out. In which case the only possible ways it could work are to speed up your metabolism so that you burn more calories or interfere with food digestion so that you absorb fewer of your ingested calories in yer guts. Can anyone think of another way?

    Oh, and to correct any false impression from my first sentence, I actually do like and eat natto. But I am warning you, it is an acquired taste, partly due to the strong, pungent flavour, and partly due to the sticky snot-like appearance ;-)

  8. Take care, if it works you will start receiving orders from all over the word for you to send "natto", will you?
    Or is that you already know we also have this problem but you are the one who has a magical solution?

  9. Natto? Can't get it here. Sounds like it works by making you sick ;)

    (and I thought of that before reading Steve's comment!)