Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year 10 K

Did a 10K race this morning and managed 40:51. Did the best I could today and not too worried that I didn't break 40:00 as it was horrible conditions, 4 degrees howling wind with snow and sleet. Also there are no K markers and us semi fast 10Ks had to dodge the half marathon runners on the same loop course so had no feel for pacing.

I've also put on 4 Kilos in the two weeks I was away with all you can eat buffets for breakfast, lunch and tea. Anyway got another chance
in two weeks and I'll my best then. Also I had a terrible nights sleep and found a pea under my mattress this morning. That's all for excuses!

I'll get back to training and try to lose a few Kilos.


  1. You still sound like you have some good fitness. To run 40.51 in what sounded like horrible running conditions is a great effort. I look forward to reading about your sub 40 min time in a fortnight. No pressure intended ;-)

  2. Glad it was a pea under your mattress and not a pee on your mattress :-)

    By the way its not a real holiday if you don't put on weight.

  3. The 4 kilos is worth 2 minutes Scott ;) I want to see a 39-something in two weeks!

    Nice song too - thanks.

  4. Well now back to real life with that time. Your were flying for me!
    Hope you can loose that extra weight easily let us know, we are all always on that subject :p

  5. If you have a bad night's sleep and find a pea under the mattress - doesn't that make you a princess??

    Well, Princess Scott, I think 40.51 is an awesome time!!