Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baby it's you

Music, like it or loathe it, is an amazing memory trigger. I was 16 when this song was popular, a skinny surf rat without a care in the world. Looking at this now I'm guessing that it was more the girl at the front, so to speak, that attracted me to this song.


  1. Strangely, my interest always spiked when that song came on Countdown. I think it would have been enhanced even more if she had swapped tops with the keyboard player. Then it would have been more like that Duran Duran film clip for Girls on Film that came out a few years later, when I was about 18 I suppose. Just at the right age to really appreciate it. [NB. I just found the Girls on Film clip on YT, but needed to log in to verify I was over 18!!]

  2. Ha! That would be a good look. And more than an interest "Spiker."

    I just had a look at DD's "Girls on Film" too. It has almost everything for the young man and sporting enthusiast; "Sumo Westling","Mud Wrestling," "Horse Riding", "Pillow Fighting", and "Oil Massage." Well prehaps the later could be classified as more of an "art".

  3. Yes, the film clips stand out attributes is the main the thing everyone seems to remember.

    Still, its a great song. I loved it back then, and I still do. Does Canada giving us this one good song make up for them also giving us Celine Dion?


  4. Aah memories. Not too sure about the girl but the blonde guy looks ok.

    On another note I have found that doing 'downward dog' (yoga pose on hands and feet with butt in air) is a good but gentle stretch for the calves. Touching toes makes my hamstrings shriek at times!

  5. It was the guitar solo that attracted me to that song.

    I've got to admit, the black braces and black tie is a memorable look. Black smoke would have made it even better.

  6. Men :-)

    I told my male workmates (in their 40s) about YouTube music clips a little while ago. No prizes for guessing what the first video they searched for was.

  7. It was something to do with animal documentaries, right?