Tuesday, January 09, 2007

40 min wall

Gees 2p wasn't kidding when he said I'd feel like crap. Frankly I'm shocked that after only 2 days without carbs my energy level for running was so low. Did the usual 10K Tuesday run at a semi slow pace and had hit the wall after 40 minutes. Struggled to finish off at the same pace and reckon if I'd have gone on much further I'd of crashed.

So a bit of balance is in order I'll use of all of your great advice and hopefully get rid off some weight and train half decently while I'm at it. Thanks as usual.


  1. Whew! Must say I am relieved. Get stuck into the training and I reckon those kilos will be gone well before the end of the month.

  2. Good choice Scott, I'm sure with your new approach you will feel much better and will be able to train alot harder.

    I also hear that Clairie and yourself have a challenge, I'm up for bribes, I see Clairie on regular occassions and can get some inside info for the right price ;-)

    Good luck!

  3. Cool Shane

    each time after your runs together offer Clairie a handful of fried cheese and tell her its tofu.

    We can work out a price once she hits 70kgs.