Friday, April 30, 2010

Master's results

The results from yesterday's local race went up and I'm taking a lot of comfort from them. You can understand why I'm when you look at them. The first number is, of course, the place number. Next is the name, then the official time, age, and place of residence. I'm number "7" Not so lucky but hopeful for a good future.

第3部 10キロマスターズ10km 男子順位 氏名 タイム 年齢 地域

1 長谷川 和正 34分22秒 53歳 兵庫県小野市
2 吉田 章 34分27秒 47歳 大阪府高槻市
3 南藤 宏和 34分39秒 46歳 奈良県奈良市
4 吉田 福蔵 35分5秒 49歳 兵庫県川西市
5 嶋田 賢司 36分29秒 46歳 大阪府泉南郡
6 水本 雅祥 36分44秒 45歳 大阪府寝屋川市
7 スコット ブラウン 36分58秒 45歳 堺市南区
8 長野 圭司 37分53秒 45歳 大阪市住吉区
9 豊田 年雄 38分3秒 47歳 大阪府吹田市
10 張 芳友 38分33秒 52歳 大阪市都島区

I just did a search on the winner, the 53 year old "Mr. Hasegawa." It seems he holds the 40-49 year old records in Japan for the 5K & 10K. Not sure exactly what those times are yet, but he also has a marathon best sub 2:25 somewhere and last year he ran 1:14 and change for a half marathon. I just want to know why he came to my small town's race? It's a good 2 and a half hours from his home. I'll ask him next time, if I can catch him ;)


  1. That's encouraging Scott. But don't take 8 years to get down to 34:22!

  2. I think Mr. Hasegawa reads your blog Scott.

  3. Training;
    Glad you enjoyed the Marathon Talk podcast, on one of the programes they talk about training and they say if it's working stick with it, but if it's no longer getting you results think about changing things around!
    your 180km training gave you fanastic results and I'm sure it will again:]
    Yeah think Grellan is right Mr Hasegawa has been reading your blog and decided to give the 'boy in the funny shorts' a good whipping :]
    53 and 2.25 gives me hope, interesting to know what times he could run when he was younger [if he was running then].

  4. I think Mr Hasegawa must've heard about the great prizes on offer...... ;)

  5. Perspective is amazing - it wouldn't matter if Mr Hasegawa came to Adelaide.... I wouldn't notice the difference between 68th and 69th!

    Right course, right lead-up and right day could have made a huge difference. Small blip in the perfect stream of podiums.