Thursday, April 01, 2010

I need a drink

Three days into my 4 week "dry as a Pommy's bath towel" (sorry Rick) campaign, I cracked and had a few beers and a bottle of red. Back on the wagon today though.

This is the way I usually go. I get something in my head begin it without too much thought, stop it after a few days and continue this stop start process until one day I get so sick of my general lack of will power, that I finally stick to the original plan.

I don't really believe stopping drinking is going to do too much for me but I want to see if I can go a month without it and then I'll know or not whether it was a good idea. Basically by stopping drinking I believe it will help me focus on a change of diet and a gradual reduction of weight over time. Last weeks weigh in was as below and I can't keep this up and expect to get any faster.

Fri 64.1kgs
Sat 64.4kgs
Sun 64.7kgs
Monday 65kgs
Tues 64.6kgs
Wed 63.5 kgs
Thur 65.4kgs

Photos included are from a trip to Kyoto yesterday. Bring on the Spring!


  1. Rick doesn't need a bath towel because it rains on every run - he just takes a cake of soap with him.

    What was your weight for the last marathon? Losing a few kegs will help, but that's a tough way to do it. Still, you have the willpower to run 200 ks a week and smile while consuming the wife's cooking, so you can do anything!

  2. Hey Scotty I like your local security guards very quaint and that Japanese tree blossom is really cool.
    Yes it’s true Tess and me get regular showers in the rain and get a bath once every 6 months whether we need it or not :]
    I reckon a few beers a week are a good thing helps one relax and relieve stress.
    Try to eat more natural foods, unrefined, eat plenty of fruit and veg, avoid sugar like the plague and cut right down on salt.
    I did an experiment a few months ago adding salt to my meals within 4 days my weight increased by 5 pounds just through water retention!!!
    Ideally you want to reach racing weight just before your big race, the extra weight you carry right now is like weight training for your legs, just imagine how great your legs will feel once you lose the extra pounds, keep focussed with your final target always in mind!

  3. Scott if you follow that marathon training plan you posted, you will have no problem in losing weight.

  4. Thanks for de-lurking on my blog! Nice to meet you. And I am super jealous of your photos. Do you have a spare couch? I'll be there next week. (Not really but a girl can dream right?)

  5. Lovely photos of your family, Scott! Thanks for dropping by my blog....cheers me up more than any drink! - I hopy you and the family enjoy a very happy Easter. Do you have Easter in Japan??

  6. hi scott, your new training plan seems very close to one Robert Kiprono »

    Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot: training log, from Victah Sailer, Notes by Larry Eder

    Training Log of one Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, courtesy of Victah Sailer, Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon:

    This was typical weeks leading up to the 2009 Commerzbank
    Frankfurt Marathon. Robert's training partner is Vincent Kipruto,
    who was just second in the B of A Chicago Marathon and who also ran a fine 2:05:47 earlier in the year.

    Monday am- one hour run......15km
    Monday pm- one hour run......15km
    Tuesday am- one hour run.....15km
    Tuesday 11am- 12x 1000 at 3.00= 15km
    Tuesday pm-one hour run......15km
    Wed hour run......15km
    wed hour run.....15km
    thur am....40km run
    thur pm---one hour run =15km
    fri hour run=15km
    fri hour run=15km
    Sat hour run=15km
    Sat 11am=12 x 1000=15km
    Sat hour run=15km
    Sunday am....30km run
    Sunday hour run=15km
    Victah Sailer added: " the morning and afternoon runs can be from 50m to one hour.....your call, and the 12x 1000.....I am sure they warmed up, ran in between reps and warmed down....."

    Note the consistency, the moderate pace,and the quality of the speed work. I sure hope this puts that easy running detritus finally to bed. To race fast, one must train consistently and at a high quality....
    I especially like the 40km midweek and 30km on weekend. Remeniscent of Rob De Castella's training in the eighties. Breaking up the speed sessions at 1,000 meter intervals, at just below above pace, reminds me of threshold work...Cheruiyot obviously gets the work done...

  7. Yes Rick

    exactly right. I told you I'm no
    genius when it comes to making plans and I borrow/steal heavily from those that know and are successful.

    I think that it is the perfect plan I only have to adjust the mileage a bit down and added the Hosaka hills.

    Not sure I can do the mileage I've
    set from Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot's
    plan but I know that if I don't do close to 200K a week I won't be able to sustain the pace at the end of my sub 2:40 attempt.

    I heard Mara Yamauchi say in a recent interview much the same.

    I don't know where I got that plan in the first place I had it in my printed notes. Maybe it was from a link you or Ewen put me on to. I copy so much from the internet print it out and stuff it into my trusty folder but in reality I don't end up reading half of it.

  8. Yeah I put the link out last year, but think i saw it on 'younger legs' or maybe Ewen ?
    i think it's a great plan and if you can get those K's done your be flying :]

  9. Nice photos. Makes me want to come to Japan even more!

    Just a thought about such high milage.... how do you pay for all the shoes; it must be a pair a month!

  10. Oh, and forgot to say, I wouldn't worry about your weight on a daily basis - it can easily fluctuate by 0.5kg just on how dehydrated you are. I'd stick to weekly measurements at most frequent.