Monday, April 05, 2010

Get uncomfortable

Sit down, get a drink, make yourself comfortable, or should I say get "uncomfortable" while I impart some wisdom from Craig Harper. Craig writes in his brilliant blog.

"While there are many variables which play a role in the transformational process (vision, planning, preparation, goal-setting, talent, knowledge, support, etc.), it’s my experience that the person with every ingredient except a willingness to get uncomfortable, is the person who will fail. Time after time. Once we acknowledge (and accept) that lasting transformation can only occur when we face our fears and choose to get uncomfortable on a regular basis, then we begin to move from self-limitation to self-empowerment.

So, what is it you’re after - comfort or transformation?"

I also know that if I'm to achieve the goals I've set for myself in regards to the marathon I have to put myself in a position that is not comfortable. I had a run today and in the middle I decided to sprint for 3ks as fast as I could. Now 500 meters from home I was feeling like Elvis! Not like the rock star Elvis but the fat comeback tour of Vegas Elvis. I wasn't only sweating like the King I felt like he was riding on my back and I was trying to breath through a tub of hot sago!!

That run hurt like a Mother dash dash dash

But I did survive and I know I'm stronger for it. Now if I could only learn to put myself in positions of "uncomfort" in other aspects of my life I'd be a better person for it. It's not easy, but as they say nothing worthwhile is!


  1. Wow! great post, I remember my first day back at college [30 years after leaving school with no qualifactions]
    'That was uncomfortable' to say the least, but the out come was very good!
    the marius training programe has pushed me in areas I thought would be impossible, but I've made it through and improved so far!
    Yeah keep getting uncomfortable!
    thanks for the link

  2. Couldn't agree more Scott. I've always felt that I achieve the most in my life when I put myself outside my comfort zone. In fact, if I feel too comfortable I know it's time for a challenge!