Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I got a reply from Peter M. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing. It does shed some light on his decision.

"Hi Scott!

Thanks for the nice email!

The only problem with that Chinese saying is that I had the "temptation to quit" about six months ago ... and only kept going because I figured I'd "succeed" if I just pushed through it! ;-)

Well, it's not like the blog didn't succeed on some levels. With over 1000 different visitors and a few thousand hits a day, it was getting traffic.

It's just that I didn't start the blog as a one-man show. I had no interest in creating a forum for me to blah blah blah on a regular basis - frankly, if it's just gonna be about me writing something, I'd rather do it in a forum like Running Times magazine, get the opportunity to rewrite what I've created (I never rewrite on the blog ... although I do fix spelling and grammar ... sometimes), and get paid for my trouble.

No, this blog was supposed to be a glamorized version of a running message board, where athletes could help one another, share stories, and run the path together.

When I was a nightclub owner, I instituted a nightly "Happy Hour" from 6-8 for one reason: if I could get 50-75 people at the bar by 8 o'clock, then other people walking past the bar (it was in the Virgin Islands, and was open to the street) would say, "Hey, that looks like a great party - I think I'll stop in!" On the other hand, if they saw only a dozen or so patrons spread out across the expanse of the bar and dance floor, they'd keep walking.

I knew from the start that I needed to "pack" the blog with contributions from runners, with entries in the Rankings, with race reports, etc. in order to draw in the wider crowd of "older" runners (about 20 million strong in America alone). But I couldn't get the party started.

I have no interest in maintaining this blog as an alternative vision of what I started. But I undoubtedly will be back in a couple years - after my son has graduated high school and is off to college - with a more modest attempt.

Anyway, good luck with your own blog, your running, and your life!

And stay in touch!



  1. That was a thoughtful response. Funny, I thought the party had started and was building momentum, just like Patti's Gloria!

    Hope he leaves the blog there for us lazy runners to browse the archives. I'll be looking forward to his return -- maybe when he hits the M50 age-group.

  2. Such a shame - I only recently came across the blog and started to follow. Can't fault the logic though.

  3. That's a pity alright Scott. I used the road race rankings only recently as was surprised that there were so few entries.