Sunday, May 02, 2010

100 Yard Dash!

Fast family

I'm off work for a few days now, enjoying the fine spring weather and planing the race year ahead and beyond. Been looking for reasons to help me believe that I'm capable of what I'm aiming for and I think I found a few. While going through some old papers I picked up from my Father's house when I went over for the funeral I found my Great Grandfather's Scrapbook. "George Brown" was my Father's, Father's Father and as it turns out a bit of a Renaissance man.

George was an artist, making statues and whatever out of wood, some of the best work of its kind in Australia, a boxing enthusiast and a foot racer of some note.

Take a look at one of the paper clippings I uploaded and see the kind time George was able to do for the 100 Yard Dash!!! It is bloody fast and all the more impressive as at the time he ran this, about 1886, the world record was 10.0. 40 years later in 1933, Jesse Owens ran 9.4 not far off my Great G'Dad's time.

So if anyone says I don't have the pedigree I can tell them otherwise ;) Now this puts me in an awkward position that if I can't reach my lofty goals it must be because I have a small heart/sack. Excuse to those eating ;)

Yes old George Brown was fast, in 1887 he won the "Stawell Gift!" For those that have never heard of it, it's present website describes it thus:

"The history and romance of the Australia Post Stawell Gift is entrenched in Australian folklore, ensuring its status as an icon of Australian sport. The Australia Post Stawell Gift has been held in all but four years since 1878, and has developed into Australia’s, and notably one of the world’s, most famous and prestigious foot races."

George won that race under the name "J" Brown his kid's name and family legend has it he won twice more, once under another name and once with a large red beard but was found out and scratched. Well, there was a lot of money in those days, relatively speaking, for racing and although the Brown's are known for their honesty and are generally decent folks, they are certainly not angels ;)


  1. No excuses now Scott - it's in your genes and you should do even better that your great grand dad as he had no arm warmers.

  2. no limits, cheek this out;

  3. Wow, the Gift? That is some serious running pedigree!

    No I feel better at being so human next to your recent achievements. Once again I can blame my lack of genes!

  4. Winning the gift is something! 10.5 seconds or thereabouts is quick. But don't be one to skite about your genes Scott ;)

    With that sort of speed, I think a switch to the 800m might be in order. Then again, you could turn up for the 10k next year with a red bushy beard and turn the tables on Mr Hasegawa as well as win a few 20 pound bets!