Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just don't know what to do with myself!

What was the problem?
5K and going strong

Mr.Fujiwara, Kikuchi San, older boy and Me. Younger boy stayed at home with a fever. I turned on the telly and locked the door. Great parent eh!

What a "Goose." Well I wish I was a speedy one!

Me and the Missus, she looks good when she's not burning anything!

9th K headed to the goal a broken man.

Had a blowout today in the 10K! Ran, but the best I could manage was 36:57, 7th place and just out of the trophies. Pretty disappointed with the run today. I reckon I was set for a PB and a good place but after a fast start, leading until 3K, I couldn't respond when 4 fast guys passed me. And couldn't do anything to hold off another 2 who overtook me at the 7K mark. Really feel depressed now but like any fanatic I will take this as a sign that I simply must toughen up and come back next year and give these fellas a clipping. Somethings leading to this race like a sick son and feeling crook myself the day before, and nerves could have contributed to my poor showing but I trained well and hard for this race and I should of done better!

Nevertheless, I had a great post race lunch of beers and Chili dogs with family and friends so in the larger scheme of things I'm alright. Just have a horrible feeling that my PB days are over and I've peaked! I'm sure that will pass. Drowning my sorrows tonight but tomorrow is another day and I'm determined to wipe today's race from the memory! While I want to forget this race, I have to remind myself that I did get a course record by almost 30 seconds and I should be happy about that! As long as I keep going forward in any respect I'll remain happy.

Sorry Paul I wanted to get some photos of you and Sarah but it slipped me mind. We were too busy drinking and talking, I guess ;) It was great to meet you two!

Just in case "Home Services" is thinking of coming in to protect my kids from their parents I have to say that that line about leaving the boy home alone was a joke! The G'parents were on the job, thankfully.


  1. Mmm, I don't know Scott. No girlie arm-warmers, so that's not the problem. Could be the second-hand shorts from the 1980s cramping your style.

    Barely faster than Rick's opening 10k at London, so something definitely must be wrong. Sure your wife didn't cook the pre-race meal? Can't see a spot of grease on that outfit of hers, so she must be careful in the kitchen.

    It's a mystery. I had you pegged for at least a sub-35 and podium, if not the win.

  2. Yes Ewen

    It is a mystery but no more than your sense of humour!!!

  3. And Ewen, as for the comment on my shorts. I wouldn't expect you to know, but that is the syle the young folks wear them thesedays!

  4. It must have been really tough at the 9th k when the guy in the jeans and the white headband passed you out. Still you gutted it out to the end. Fair play.

  5. Yes Grellan

    I noticed that dude and I didn't let him pass me! I was lapping him, happily. He was 5K behind me. I would have slit my wrists rather than let any dude in jeans pass me. That was just rude of him to think that wearing that outfit was appropriate!!

    Don't say anything about my shorts Ewen!

  6. I was going to comment on the lack of arm-warmers and the state of your shorts, but as I can see I'm way late - business as usual, then.

    You, on the other hand, just have to accept the fact that the occasional off-day will happen.

  7. That is not the style! The style is down to almost your knees. I swear the American School kids lose 3 seconds per lap due to wind in their "shorts."

  8. Quote "Patience is a virtue because it makes us better people. The definition of the word is to tolerate delay. This implies self control and forbearance as opposed to wanting what we want when we want it. How many times have we jumped the gun and found out it would have been better to tolerate delay or had self control"?
    Scott; I think you need to wait a bit longer to see the benefits of your training!
    Setting off with the leaders was not that smart a thing to do!
    It's a classic beginers mistake and the fact you blew up is not really surprising!!!
    A useful learning curve at best!
    Just thinking you can run 34 mins is not enough, you need smart consistent training over a long period behind you, then your new p.b.s will come.
    Hope I've not been to hard on you but I did not want to write a bad luck 'line' that would be of no use to you!

  9. Although the day did not provide the results you wanted, you're 10K time is nothing short of amazing.

    I couldn't maintain that pace for a 100-yard dash let alone 6.2 miles.

    Our Punk Rock Racing podium photo will just have to wait a little longer my friend.

    All the best,


  10. The mixture of "humour" thoughts and advice is priceless, thanks to all.

    And Rick don't worry, no matter what Ewen says I'm not really that "girly" and can take "tough love."

    I have to be a bit more systematic in my training, for sure. I assumed that because I had done 36:50 in my 10K split of my most recent half, that 34:00 would be doable on limited training. I thought wrong!

    I've never been accused of being "smart" but eventually I will get it. "Back to common sense"

    And Ron your clothes are really very stylish! Although I didn't get them up on the podium I will have to get them down on the dance floor this long weekend ;)

    Thanks again everyone!

  11. Scott,
    Are you still training the same way as when you hit 2.45 form?

  12. No Rick I'm not.

    When I did that time I was doing 180km weeks doing double almost everyday and racing a lot.

    I haven't done doubles and run anything over 100k a week for 4 months, though I have been doing a lot of speedwork in the last 2 months.

    Maybe, I'm just the type that needs to run long to run fast.

    Anyway I will be back into the high mileage from the week after this and although I don't have another race until my full marathon in early August I'm going to try to get PBs in training for 3K, 5K, and 10K before then.

    Thanks for asking

  13. OK, I won't say anything more about the shorts Scott, except for... "they're bloody short!"

    On a serious note, looks like 100k weeks aren't doing it for you. Something like the Marius Bakken plan might be worth a shot, and less time consuming than the 180+ k weeks.