Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After much deliberation I've come up with something that looks like I really haven't given it much thought. That's the way I like things-simple and effective-sort of like my love making, but I digress! What I do know is that all plans must adapt to the personality of their executioners otherwise they won't work.

So this plan is very much like me simple on first observation, or maybe 2nd or 3rd, but genius in the way it combines "Donkey work" and tweaks it with ideas borrowed/stolen from others. The secret of most success!

The following is an example week in a 12 week program that will take me under 2:40 at the August 2010 Townsville marathon. I'll back off this mileage a little one week in every month.

Week One: I'll build up to this mileage, in the process now.

Morning 1 hour
Night 1 hour
Usually done at between 4:30 ~5:00 min per K
Days total 22 to 25K

Morning 1 hour broken up into 30 mins warm up, 30 warm down
in between that I'll do 7x1K down hill fast 3:10~320 per K and in between these efforts run back uphill for a total of 7K @ 4:00~4:15min pace. "Hosaka Hills"
Days total about 24K

Morning 1 and a half hours in morning jog @ 4:30 ~5:00 min per K
Night 1 hour same pace
Days total about 28K

Morning 30k @ 4:30 ~5:00 min per K
Night 1 hour same pace
Days total about 40K

Morning 10x1k on the flat 3:10~320 per K pace rest in between
Night 12K 4:30 ~5:00 min per K
Days total about 24K

Morning 1 hour
Night 1 hour
Usually done at between 4:30 ~5:00 min per K
Days total 22 to 25K

Morning long run @sub 4:37 pace getting up to sub 4:oo min pace in the last 5 to 10K
Night 10K
Days total 40 to 50K


I won't race at all in the 12 week build up but will run regular 5K TTs, twice a month, and try to make them all under 17:30. Basically I will try to get fit, go into Townsville under 58kgs was 61kgs for my last marathon. I simply want to be fit enough to run at 3:40 pace comfortably. I can do 4:10 pace now and feel comfortable I want to have the same comfort level running at 3:40 pace by August. While I'm willing to suffer in the marathon to PB I don't do suffering real well so I need to be as fit as I can at least to get me to 35K in reasonably good shape.

I know I can do this and if things work out and I can go around 2:35 in Townsville I'm considering making a sub 2:30 run in Fukuoka in December of this year. But that may have to wait until 2011.


  1. Isn't it up to your wife to judge the effectiveness of your lovemaking? How much burnt fish have you been eating lately?

    I was going to say "that's a plan for chicken faggots", but mum taught me not to curse ;)

    Seriously though, if you can cope with the miles you should go about 2:36 in Townsville. Looks a bit like Hosaka, but with recovery days (if 2 x 1 hour is recovery) and long runs.

  2. Wowee! with that sort of mileage I can't see you having the time for lovemaking or eating burnt black fish!
    I'm far to old and lazy for such a plan but I'm sure it will get you into the shape you need to be in for your target time.
    like the idea of the downhill efforts, good luck and I will follow your progress with great interest.

  3. It certainly won't be for lack of trying! I think you're basically trying to butcher Rick's last effort into oblivion.

  4. Wow, that's impressive. The 10 x 1k at 3:10 and 40k fast on Sunday are especially eye-opening.
    You advised me to run 200k a week, but there's no way I could handle that kind of mileage, especially with hard workouts thrown in. Also I can't do hard runs in the morning...the thought of 30k hard in the morning boggles my mind. I'll shoot for 140 and try to get up to 160 a few times. So I guess I won't be running 2:35. Anyway, keep us updated on how it is progressing.

  5. Seems like a pretty intense plan what sort of mileage are you currently doing?

  6. I go away for just a couple of weeks, and look what happens! It'll take me all day to get through your posts....... (but I'll enjoy them).

    Wow, I feel dizzy just thinking about that plan! But, I can't fault it for what you're trying to achieve.

    I have a question about length of long-run in a 12/16 week build-up, but it's long enough that I'll post it to my blog over the next couple of days. Would appreciate your input.

    (PS. my Mum told me never to comment on a man's manhood, so no comments on your love-making prowess).