Thursday, March 04, 2010

Grand Funk

I'm going to write about running again from now. I have lost a bit of focus in the last 3 weeks. Still the whole experience has sort of helped me. I pretty much know that running is meaningless in the grand scheme of things but that is why it is so important to me and why I love it so much. Not since I was a surfer have I done something for the pure joy of it. Not to make money, not to please anyone just because it felt good.

I'm not telling you anything you don't know, I'm sure but this has helped to pull me out of the funk (The depression kind) I've been in and back to the training.

I've got a 10K on the 21st of this month I'm going to regain focus train well and get a new PB. That's what it's all about!

This is the only "Funk" I want to be around for a while, thanks very much ;)


  1. You sound happier now. It's all part of the healing process, and I'm pretty damn sure that running is a great help in that.

  2. Good stuff Scott! And to celebrate that PB I reckon you should run the race in white and orange strides like that dude on the lead guitar... try a metallic 'arm warmer' on one arm and let your hair hang down. Can't wait!

  3. Running feeds the soul and free's the spirit! keep running Scott

  4. I wonder if you knew that Grand Funk actually had a song named "In the Long Run". It was a bonus track added to their boxed set "30 Years of Funk". Actually a great song, check it out.