Monday, March 29, 2010


Only I didn't said "Fudge" I said fuck! Rick just cleaned my dial!!!
What smells like "Shart?"



  2. Nice video Rick. Kobe is only 20 minutes from me here and I've heard they are, Kobe city, are going to start a mass participation marathon in late 2011, early 2012. You can bet ASICS is going to be the main sponsor and they will really put on a good show. The prefecture in which Kobe is the capital "Hyogo prefecture" is marathon obsessed they have perhaps more races in this prefecture than any
    other in Japan. I will definitely be running the first "Kobe Marathon"

  3. Wait, that was Rick's video...or your video? Either way, one or both of you is more than a little weird.

    Speaking of videos, here's an all-time top 50 list, if you have an hour or two to waste.,28804,1974961_1974925,00.html

  4. That sounds like a good marathon to break through 2.40.
    glad you liked the video!