Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Did I ever tell you I hate "Facebook." It just seems too shallow, you know people posting about inane stuff and others giving the thumbs up to it.

Wait a minute, that sounds like a better description of my blog! No, the reason I hate Facebook so much is because I've lost so many friends to it (fairweather friends maybe, but I'll take them anyway I can get them these days) and I'm kind of jealous.

So what do I, someone with few friends on their own blog, do in the face of losing people to the more vacuous Facebooks?

Yes, I open a "TWITTER" account!!!

You ain't seen shallow until you've read my tweets.

See the bottom (pun intended) of my blog for my latest adventures.

Care to follow?


  1. Hey, thanks for the sentiments. Yes, I realize I'll never break 3 by striking a happy medium. It's more wishful thinking than anything really. Appreciate your comment/quote.

  2. I am facebook addicted. This Beckham character hurts his achilles and its splashed all over the Tokyo papers today. My achilles is still sore but absolutely no press coverage! Facebook and tweeter are my only means of letting the world know about
    私 の 足 !!
    Look forward to reading your tweets as well as your blog :-)

  3. Facebook is horrible and Twitter is worse. No wait...Facebook is worse...ok, they are both horrible. I care about the important things in people's lives (i.e. running). I do not care about the minutia of their lives. Not_at_all.

  4. I rest my case; Twitter gives people too much opportunity to post too much stuff that people DON'T CARE ABOUT AND DON'T NEED TO KNOW!

    I have the overwhelming feeling that the age we live in means we have amazing contact but no conversation - do we really know how someone's doing from their facebook updates?

    Now a blog, that's a different matter, full of all sorts of good stuff! (so don't let me down Scott, I love to read your posts).

  5. Get back to work Bay! You shouldn't be blogging at this time of day ;) Let alone tweeting!

  6. By the absence of a recent tweet, I take it your bum is no longer itchy? Certainly won't be following you - it might turn to (verbal) diarrhoea.

    Actually, I couldn't follow you, even if I was on twitter - pale yellow text on a white background?!

    I still don't get Facebook. I guess it's a lazy way of emailing 498 'friends' and saying "look at me, look at me!" Good blogs are worth reading. I follow yours in hope ;)

  7. Best of luck with the Twitter adventure. I signed up recently - not convinced yet but giving it a go. Also got an iPod touch a few weeks ago ... Best toy ever behind my garmin !! Interested if you've come across any decent apps. Brendan