Saturday, March 27, 2010


Been away for a few days with the family. We went to a few family based attractions which I had to spoil by taking the whole thing literally (see photo "Feeling Area")

Anyway, because of a few too many days off I've put on 5kgs in the last 3 weeks so I've decided to, as from Monday, give up the booze for a month. Never been done before but I'm going to have to take drastic measures if I'm going to get the weight down and get back to running fast.

Wish me luck. Next post I'll outline the plan for my next full marathon.


  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for your comment.
    I read a blog post by therunningfatguy on the LA marathon (which is much more interesting than mine) and realized I forgot to mention the drag queen cheerleaders. You don't get that at Japanese marathons.
    Love the Feeling Area. (You don't get that at American, or Australian, amusement parks.)
    I will be interested to see your training plan for your next marathon. I am planning to get serious. Hosaka-type hills (although shorter and less of them) and lots of hard marathon pace runs. Really start doing some hard f**king work. From June 1st.

  2. Giving up 'booze' !!!
    All the best runners here in the 80's were heavy drinkers and it didn't do them any harm, well not after many A.A. meetings and replacement livers :]
    looking forward to seeing your new Marathon plan, you can count on the full support from Tess and me!

  3. I gave it up for Lent but fell off the wagon yesterday as I had to go to a wedding. I feel like shit today but as you suck down the first pint or glass of red wine (or both last night) you do get that joyous thrill that you know will not last! Good luck

  4. That is a drastic measure Scott! Maybe you will never want another drink:)

  5. Good luck with your month of abstinence - you will do it! Yes, I am in training for the National Capital Marathon (in Canberra) on 2 May!

  6. How the heck are you going to wash down the burnt fish without booze?

    If more marathons had Feeling Areas at the 41k mark I'd be motivated to keep chasing those girls in spandex shorts.