Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out of wind in the wind.

Just came back after running a 10K race. I came about 10th overall and third in my age group so you'd think I'd be pretty pleased with that. But no! Didn't get much joy today.

Like I saw with Rick's race the wind was blowing all over the place. No kidding we've been having gale force winds this last 36 hours and it made for a bloody tough race. The first hill we ran up is about 1K long and the wind was blowing down that sucker almost bringing us to a stop, I never recovered from that as it took everything out of me to keep on pace and I had little energy to race the rest after that. I know I don't have to make excuses but I'm good at it and for the record I also came into the race with one of my trade mark migraine headaches and 3kgs over what I wanted to race this in.

I was disappointed sure but just going to have to do better going in and pick my days a bit better. One thing that is saving me from too much regret is that even though my time was 2 minutes slower than the same race last year, the 1st and 2nd place getters were the same fellas as last year and similarly ran slow in comparision.

Still, when it comes down to it, excuses or not, every race counts so I'm going to have to make some changes, and run faster next time.

My boys also raced today the 1.5K in their age groups and the wife did a 5K race. They enjoyed their races and apart from the wind it was generally a nice day out.

Time to get fit again!


  1. Well done on the third place.
    You had better luck than us here in Tokyo where they cancelled the race completely due to the wind.

  2. Couple of years ago we did a half marathon in 60 mph gales, trees were blowing down and at times it was hard to stay on your feet!
    the last half mile was into the teeth of the gale, I wanted to stop and cry!!!
    At the time I was disapointed with my finish time of 83 mins, now I look back and feel impressed !
    Strange how perceptions change with time!
    good to see your whole family enjoying running, cool :]

  3. You can't beat yourself up if everyone else was blown backwards as well. You'd still have been 3rd M40 with the wind at your back and not every race can be a PB attempt.

    Great to see the whole family joining in.

  4. You'd better watch out with the wife taking up racing... the black fish will be arriving on the table later than ever!

    Good to see you ditched the arm-warmers for that race. The bloke in the blue ones with matching gloves looks a right wally. Hey, 37 is a decent time in cyclonic conditions. You'll be sub-34 before long.

  5. Nice photos of the family. Maybe in years to come you may remember the day when all the family raced together more fondly then some faster individual performances.