Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walkman out Ipod in

I just bought an Ipod Touch to replace my Sony Walkman (Yes, welcome to the 80s) What can I say I'm a "late adapter". Do they even use that term anymore?

The clip will show you how my runs used to go!

If you switched on dudes know of any good applications for the Ipod Touch please let me know. I've uploaded "RunGeek" and a "Running Log" program that seem to be the bomb! And an application called "Sushi Guru" that tells me what fish has the most mercury, "Life's Good" (LG). Definitely too good to get mercury poisoning!


  1. I've heard there's one that tells you when the temperature reaches -15C, then prompts you to put on the floral arm-warmers.

  2. Ha! That I'll have to get!

    Better still,

    Is there one that tells you when Ewen is making a joke and prompts you to laugh?

  3. You went from way behind me to way ahead of me in the gadget coolness stakes in one fell swoop.

  4. Great article on "younger legs" Scott. Really enjoyed it.

    I heard that you can play music on the iPod. How cool is that! Then again i'm the guy that uses a toothbrush to brush my teeth so what would I know?

  5. I have been running in Japan this week and I take back anything I may have said about the arm warmers- you need them here! I have been getting around in elbow length gloves on my run.

  6. Sweet video! made me smile