Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Came home tonight. Finished what I could do there and thanks to my sister taking over the rest I was able to come home early to be with my family here. It's when you lose someone that you realize how much others mean to you so I'll not be taking my family and friends (real and virtual) for granted anytime soon.

I've let the running go a bit as you'd expect but was able to get a one run in at Yeppoon, Where's "Yeppoon" you ask? It's in FNQ not far from Rockhampton, not "near your knife and fork" like some wags would have you believe.

I got another run in the day before yesterday along "The Strand" in Townsville. Talked to some young fit guys there that I thought were "Townsville Road Runners" but were in fact, rescue helicopter crews in training for their fitness tests.

And this morning I ran from Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast to Snapper Beach and back in the warm morning sun. Boy has that place changed! I was lost in nostalgia sitting on the headland staring out at the waves until I turned around to be assaulted by white buildings and shinny glass. "Whatever may come, whatever may go" those waves are coming. Thankfully somethings will always be the same. I take a lot of comfort in that.

I'm really keen to get back into it and catch up with what you're all up to so let's do that.

The song is one that's been in my head and I upload it here for no other reason than that, and I like it.


  1. Wow that's a beautifol record, always did have a crush on Kate Bush :]
    At the end of the day Scott we have to be grateful for all the wonderful things in life we have had, be thankfull for what we have now and think of each new day as a gift to be shared.
    Your dad may have gone from this earth but in many ways he will still be with you in your thoughts and memories.
    Be strong!

  2. I have to wait until I get home to listen to the song (blocked at work). No doubt there will be a renewed perspective to your running and a greater depth of purpose.

  3. Welcome back Scott. Thanks for the fridge magnet. My 15 year old daughter Safan, who thinks all things Japanese is cool was very impressed.

  4. Here here to the last sentence of that first paragraph Scott.

    I remember Yeppoon from 20-odd years ago. My 2 motorycle mates and I were stopped by a police road block on the outskirts of town for overtaking an unmarked car at 180+ clicks. You'd be thrown in jail for that these days, but we just got a fine and a stern talking to.

    I like that song. Rick wasn't the only boy who had a crush on Kate Bush. Enjoy getting back into the running - perfect weather for it down here.

  5. Certainly sounds like you did the memory tour! It's always interesting (if not always nice) to go back to the stomping grounds of old. Just wish the circumstances were better for you. But, as you say, these things give you an appreciation for what you have in life.