Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You're peaches!

Thanks for the well wishes I can really benefit from your thoughtful comments. I was thinking to write a detailed report on the marathon today but it might be better to
leave it for a while as it will take sometime for me to put it into proper perspective.

Anyways, I will give you my splits which you runners will understand tell their own story. By the way a got a few more minutes due to the actual time being faster than the gun time cause it took some time to cross the starting line. I'm pretty pleased with them in that they are somewhat consistent albeit slower than I was aiming for.

1st 5k 26,10
2nd 5k 24,43
3rd 5k 23,22
4th 5K 23,04
5th 5k 23,50
6th 5k 24,20
7th 5k 24,43
8th 5k 24,53
last few 11,05

Total 3:26:14


  1. Congratulations- what great splits- you can certainly tell there was a sizeable crowd just by the first split.

  2. Your very wise to wait until you can put it into proper perspective.

    That saying must be true..."you can be good looking or wise, but not both" :-).

  3. Are you saying I'm ugly Mat?

    I'll have you know I was a "model." I once did the spring catalogue for "Bell" helmets.

  4. So a 3:26 net - even closer to the goal!

    Wonder how often somebody's first split is their slowest. Not often I'd bet.

  5. Dude, if it wasn't for the crowd you were so there for a PB, especially because I think you can always count on the first few k's for faster than average pace. As Tesso said, how often is the first split the slowest? I can see that PB tumbling in the next one!

    Maybe you need to provide us with a bigger picture to assess your "model" qualities?

  6. Your splits are consistent, I'll give you that! I'm impressed that 20k in you managed your fastest 5km (faster than the time it takes me to run 3!!)

  7. The consistency is impressive. You know how to run a marathon Scott! Now you just have to get them down to the 21:XXs. Looks like you lost a couple of minutes with the crowds.

  8. Yes, very even splits. It suggests that you might have been able to go a little bit more aggressively and picked up another couple of minutes overall, but there was also enough fade to show that you couldn't have afforded to go go much more aggressively or you'd have faded worse. It's a fine line and it is really hard to fault your execution.

    BTW, I was also in Block D, not C. Bloody Block C was for Rikuren (Japana Athletic Association) members, even though the organizers told us that the only thing that would determine starting position was your estimated time. Some of us are also Rikuren members but the English web site had no place to put your Rikuren number, so that was a bit of a cockup. They just assumed that anybody using the English web site was from overseas, which was dumb. Japanese governments, comapnies, and other organizers constantly fail to grasp that there is a large population of "foreigners" who live here fully integrated into Japanese society. Anyway, that's my little gripe for the day. Don't ask me to talk about the baggage collection ;-)

  9. Although running is supposedly a relatively simple sport there is so much that can hinder you on the day and you need it all to come together. Some you can control and some (like the weather!) you can't. You did you r bit and I'm sure the target time will be achieved in the near future. Rest up and and I think your perspective on the race is a great one.

  10. Very consistent times Scott, it is unsettling in the big races when you get stuck behind everyone at the start. It is good to see that you didn't seem to panic and go too hard following the slow first 5k just to make that time up.

    Congratulations although not what you were aiming for it is a very respectable time indeed.

  11. Nice result Scott - well done mate - those splits are impressively consistent.