Monday, February 05, 2007

The last of the long runs ran

Did the last of my long runs yesterday. It was about 30K on the streets around my local area. Not too easy as there were a few long hills in there but ankles behaved and although a real slow run, nothing under 5min per K, I feel it did me some good.

Now I'm just going to concentrate on my speed sessions, pump out a few black ones, like Ewen says and visualize like Clairie says. And keep my fingers crossed for a day weather wise like today. A deep dark blue sky, no wind, and 14 degrees, very mild here for this time of year.


  1. That's one confidence builder you've just done Scott. Laughing. Just don't go breaking anything in the speeds sessions and that whopping big PB is all yours.

    Its getting exciting!

  2. Nice one Scott. Good to get the long one in the bag. Now not much to do but keep the legs ticking over and otherwise taking care of the body.

    14 degrees hey, positively balmy! It is difficult yet to know quite what to expect on the day, but we would be very unlucky for it to be out and out warm.

  3. And nuffin stoopid ok?

  4. Gosh with both you and Steve doing this race I feel like I'm there myself! At least I am certainly going through the buildup...I am even tapering today with you hee hee

    It's a great feeling, though scary, when you have done your last long run in the lead up to a race. Sort of leaves you wondering if you are half cooked or if you have done too much.

    For you - I think its all perfect. Now all you need is to convince that lovely lady to cook her hubby a few meals in the lead up :)

  5. Visualise a perfect day and you'll have one Scott.

    Lucky there's not many carbs in black fish. Ask for rice and natto.

  6. And as 2P says nothing stoopid! Good to see your ankles are behaving too and I'm glad the gladwrap trick was useful.

  7. Ohhh, its getting exciting :-).

    I'll put in some calls in about your weather request.

  8. Sounds like you've got some good k's in the legs Scott. Good one. I'm already anticipating a good title to the race report!

    Stay away from stairs....

  9. Does it feel good to have the last long run done or do you feel more anxious? It sounds like things are on track for a great race.

    Counting down with you! I'll try sending some of our warm, dry weather your way.