Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last post

Well the last before the marathon anyways.
I'm going to leave Saturday afternoon and take the fast train up to Tokyo.I'll meet up with a friend and go and pick up my race kit before some dinner and back to the hotel room for a hot bath with a couple of cold coronas and and early night.

Looking forward to the weekend but can't say I'm not a tad nervous. My shins are still both sore to the touch, yes I won't touch them, and my Achilles are also a bit suspect. If I don't do as well as I want it will be because of these, but on the positive side they haven't been bad enough to stop me from training and I have never had an injury prevent me from finishing a marathon before. Actually any prior injuries have all seemed to disappear when running the marathon funnily other injuries and tiredness seem to come up and trump the old pains.

I'm going to meet our friend Stephen Lacey too for the first time which I'm looking forward to too.

Wish me luck and as they say in Japan "Gambaremasu" "I'll do my best."


  1. Good luck!! Break a leg! Wait - that's not a good idea. Have a good one! (That's better)

  2. If you are going to have a drink, at least have a beer.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you after the race. The excitement is certainly building.

    As you said, your tender spots haven't stopped you training, so the worst that can happen is that you just have to run it like a training run. But I'm sure they will hold up. Take some Ibuprofen (イブプローフィン) and or rub some anti-inflammatory lotion into those shins and achilles.

  3. Good Luck! Hope your ankle stays strong and you make it to the end with enough fuel in the tank to jump for joy as you cross the finish line.

  4. Guiness is the marathoners beverage of choice (well it's mine anyway) on race eve - I call them my big black sleeping pills :-)

    Make sure you don't dehydrate in the bath - seriously - and you know me I'm seldom serious :-)

    Have a good one Scott - I'm looking forward to reading you report.

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  6. Best of luck!

    Your well prepared and I'm sure you'll have a great run.

    Give it your all. Just keep saying to yourself out there that this is your big chance, to make all that training worthwhile.

    Omnipresent deity's speed.

  7. Goooooooo Scott!!!!! I can't believe its almost upon us ... well, almost upon you :-)

    You're not the only one a tad nervous, there are people back here a tad nervous for you too. But as I've said before nerves means you are ready for a great run.

    Hopefully the shin and achilles things are just part of the pre marathon jitters, you know how you look for things that aren't right.

    Best of luck. Have fun. Soak up all the good vibes that have been sent from Down Under.

    PS Give Steve a punch in the belly for me.

  8. Thanks heaps Tesso

    Will do, but you should of ask me, to give Stephen a punch in the guts, by email. Now he'll be expecting it!

  9. I love "to too". "to too" to you too Scott and 幸運!

    I'm sure the excitement of the day will carry you through to a good time.

    Stephen's right... Corona's a bit light - don't they sell Fat Tire Lager in Japan?

  10. Yeah punch Steve in the belly for me too!!

    I'll be thinking of and visualising you achieving your goals.

    Run well Scott....the time is now here.

  11. Good luck Scott. Will be thinking of you running fast, free of niggles from achilles and shins.

    Look forward to reading the race report.

  12. 楽しい時を過しなさい。 操業井戸。 幸運

  13. Well I estimate you will be a good hour and a bit into the run by now.

    I am praying hard that you are strong and will minded. That you are enjoying the run and finding the going is not yet tough.

    Scott, I hope the past few days have been enlightening and that you and your family are in a good place.

    I sincerely wish that this run gives you the courage and reward that you deserve.

    Run hard, run well I hope you find time to enjoy what it means to be a runner whilst you are out there with just your legs and your thoughts.....oh and 10000 other runners!!!!