Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shock the Monkey

Had a hard run yesterday. Went to bed Tuesday night with a ticklish throat and a little phlegmy. I was thinking here we go old Murphy's law is coming into play again.

On Weds morning I didn't feel any worst but I was feeling tired with a small headache. Anyways I did my scheduled 90 min run and shuffled all the way. I didn't have the energy and my bloody ankles were hurting again. Didn't get above 130BPM the whole run. Still after I finished I felt pretty good, no more pain in the ankles and minus a fair bit of phlegm, excuse me ladies.

Last night I had and early night and woke up this morning feeling fine. What is that?
Well, with that shock behind me I moving forward with all fingers and toes crossed that I can remain healthy and injury free for two more weeks at least.


  1. Shock it, but don't spank it.

    I know what you mean about the threatening cold symptoms that just never develop into anything full blown. I seem to have been like that for the past three months!

    Good to get in a 90-min run at this stage. It's getting closer -- it is now February!

    BTW, what are you plans regarding coming to Tokyo? Is the family coming, where are you staying, when do you head back? Tell me all. Maybe we can meet up over a plate of pasta on the 17th. -- you have my email don't you?

  2. Consider yourself excused :-)

  3. Keep it steady Scott, not long to go now. The mind will start playing tricks on you as you lower the mileage and get excited about the upcoming race.

    Don't succumb to any illness and instruct the body that wimps don't live there for another 2 weeks!!

    I am getting so excited for the both of you. This is going to be fun. My very first overseas marathon....well not that I am running it but I will be mentally!

  4. What about the gentlemen?

    Low HR runs are supposed to be good for moving the bugs out of the system. Steer clear of black fish and you'll be fine :)

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Remember mind over matter.

  6. That's the way to do it. If you gonna be sick, then be sick for just one day.

    When your strong, the bugs don't stick around for long. When your run down they stick around and really hit hard.

    So, you must be strong and the moment, not run down! (This is where you say "Yay").