Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I see that there is a chance of rain for Sunday's marathon so I'm going to post an old favorite, One Fine Day, it is also dedicated to my favorite coach who has, strangely enough, the same name as the singer "Pat Carroll." I wonder how many times Pat has been asked to sing this at Karaoke.


  1. I'm so glad your favourite coach isn't called Celine Dion :-).

  2. Getting close now Scott! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday.

    On my blog you asked if I missed Karratha. I miss the scenery - I still think the Pilbara is the most beautiful part of the world, but no I don't miss it!!!

  3. You know, I can see the similarity too. Our Pat likes frocking up.

    Hope if there is rain its just a nice little sprinkle to keep you cool.

  4. Scott, do you have any details on your movements on Saturday yet?

    I am still undecided about when to pick up my race pack, but if I go on Saturday I'd like to know what time you are going so that we might be able to coordinate a rendezvous. Some people from my club are talking about getting it on the Saturday morning then going to slurp down some cheap pasta. So that is an option for us.

    I'm asking you here because I'm not sure if you get emails sent to your byronenglish account...

    Perhaps when you let me know, also email me your keitai number.


  5. Now I'll be stuck with the image of Pat in that frock. Ugh!

  6. Can't say I will be putting that one on my MP3 player soon.