Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Food Glorious Food

You would all be happy to know my lovely wife is including me in meal times again so all offers of food baskets, although appreciated, are now no longer needed. While on the subject I'd like to know if you have any carbo loading secrets you would like to share?

I heard of one way that I tried before a training run but never in a race. It worked well! I ate basically no carbs for two days and the day before my run I loaded up only eating high carb food for breaky, lunch and tea. I felt switched on for that run and flew through 18K with the type of energy I rarely feel. So I'm going to try this again for Tokyo and hope it can make up for the gaps in my training.


  1. I had never done a marathon before so last year before Canberra I decided to ask the experts as well as listen to all the advise I got from all my running buddies.

    I got a great email from Spot - a running friend who won the Brisbane Marathon that year and generally runs each on around 2:50. He is not elite in Olympic standards, which suits me because their preparation might be just toooo well organised for me.

    Anyhow I will track down his email and send it on to you. I followed it and ended up on the starting line feeling great, well hydrated and raring to go. During the race I had no upsets and I recovered very quickly. I didn't win the race (dammit) but was very happy with my results.

    Don't you just love it how the worry goes from being about running to eating....yaaaahhhh

  2. I was going to reply that Clairie was just talking about this during our run this morning including the great advice she got from Spot!

    I know there are methods of calculating your requirements depending on your body weight etc. I remember working out once that I needed to eat over 300 potatoes to get me properly carbed up for a marathon ... maybe I should've been reading maths books instead of running books :-)

  3. I do my loading on days 3 and 2 from the event with the empahasis being on day 2. Day 1 from the event I just eat normally - reason - I never train the day before so strores should be good and I have had tum tum probs before from over-loading on the eve of a race.

  4. Thanks for the great link, sounds good. Can't help with your carbo loading question as I've only completed one 10k race! But hope you enjoy them after giving them up a while back.

  5. Scott, this has worked for me in the past...

    First 3 days - fish, very well done, washed down with light beer.
    Next 3 days - Natto and Weetbix for breakfast; Natto/jam/cream sandwiches for lunch; Natto and Vegemite for dinner; all washed down with double strength home brews and hornet juice.

  6. Scott, how is it all going? Where are you? Are you well? Are you getting frustrated with the taper?

    TALK TO US!!

  7. This low carb this for a couple of days sounds hard. That would leave you a lot of making up to day on the one day before you big event! Eat up big?