Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Race pace "discipline"

Thanks for the comments about music, I reckon I'll try it while training but not during any races for now. Today I did 4kms at race pace which is going to be 4:37 per 1K. Found that I really couldn't keep the pace I was running 15 to 25 seconds too fast.

Somehow I have a lot of trouble holding pace either too slow by far or too fast. I think I'm going to set my watch to beep at 4:37 invervals and try to keep strictly to running 23:05 for every 5kms. I know I'm able to run faster but even ten or so seconds faster per K will hurt me in the last 10K. Anyway I'll try to be disciplined
this time and if I feel I've got something with 7K to go I'll push it a bit faster. We'll see but this is my 6th full marathon and I'm yet to finish with much in the tank.

Also Clairie and Tesso have now "tightened the screws" , nice discipline metaphor hey Stephen,with such fine races on the weekend. I'm going to have to be hurting real bad in this one before I give up on my goal. Thanks girls.


  1. I did the best comment ever...and then it got deleted when I had to re-log in on google not blogger.

    This sux.


    In just a few sleeps you will be given the gift of 3 hours on your feet. Three measly hours to pay homage to your training and your fitness. Three hours to focus on nothing in the world but your ability to run.
    Make those three hours count.

    Soon enough it will be back to the family, back to work and back to the issues of life.
    You'll never get those three hours back.....treat them well and don't waste them.

  2. Hi Clairie

    I just changed to "New blogger" that may have messed up your last post, sorry.

    Anyway, pretty good second attempt. You really know how to stress-out/motivate a guy!

    Perhaps "CBRG" is not a bad idea after all.

  3. It's good to have some pace in reserve Scott. The sub-3:15 is a real chance.

    Of course, you'll be fresh on the day, and with the downhill start, will probably feel like you're crawling running 4:37s. Sounds like the right pace though, so try and get it.

    Hope the beeping watch isn't more annoying than an iPod would have been ;)

  4. Glad to be of service Scott :-)

    Good race plan. You just need stick to it. For what its worth that's how I treated the 6 hrs on Saturday night. At times I felt like going faster but we all what would have happened if I did. So yes, try to be deciplined. You do that and the rest will come naturally. And you'll get that great result you truly deserve.

    Does anyone ever finish a marathon with much in the tank??? I usually have lots in the tank later in the day ... after the post marathon party :-)

  5. Even splits all the way :-).

    Sounds like a great race plan!

  6. What race is it you are doing?