Friday, February 23, 2007


I picked this song as it pretty accurately reflects my mood right now. And in the spirit of foolishness I've signed up for another full marathon just 6 weeks from now.
Please tell me I'm wrong but Nagano is too tempting to turn down and frankly I feel fine and reckon I could do a marathon this Sunday.


  1. Ah what the hell?

    Just don't get hurt!

  2. Those hip hop music videos sure have a long way to go to match that kind of cool. And sexy! Talk about cool and sexy! I loved it. Especially the jungle backdrop.

    Nagano should be a breeze. Two weeks recovery, four weeks buildup, taper be buggered!

  3. Your recovery must have been a breeze to contemplate another marathon so soon.

    Good on you.

  4. Not normally my type of music but I think it would be fun to run to.

    What is the song title/artist?

  5. Gotta love Bollywood.

    Good on you for signing for Nagano. It sound like good amount of time so can capitalise on your current peak form.

    And of course your beautiful. Were they full faced Bell helmets?

  6. That was brilliant! The Indian George Michael - how cool.

    If you've got the moves, do the dance! No struggle or bad wall, so Tokyo was the perfect long training run for Nagano :)

  7. Novel, using a marathon as the long training run for a marathon! I reckon that 6 weeks is just enough time to put some more speed in those legs. Good way to go, I'd say.

    You'll have to let me know how it goes, because depending on how my year turns out, I'll be doing my first two marathons within 8 weeks of each other.....