Sunday, December 10, 2006


I don't know exactly what's wrong but something is wrong with my ankle. On Friday I decided to cut my speedwork session as in the warm up I had pain in my ankle that caused me to limp a little. Anyway, I rested on Saturday and it felt fine but 20 mins into my long run today, Sunday, I got the pain back again and cancelled this run too.

The pain is a throbbing aching pain that feels like it's coming from deep inside and envelopes the whole area around the ankle. Yet when I stop running or only walk the pain goes away, although I still have a strange sensation there.

I will rest up today and tomorrow and try again on Tuesday.


  1. I hope it's nothing serious Scott. With a bit of luck it might disappear as fast as it arrived.

  2. Sounds like the achilles...
    There is an article about it in RW australia if you get it there?

    Main thing is rest for it.

    Get well soon R2B

  3. Lots of ice and rest.

  4. Oh no :-(

    What they all said.

    Hope your plan of attack works. If not what will be your next step (so to speak)?

  5. Stretch that part and check your shoes... still you are in the shoes heaven down there in Japan, right??