Saturday, December 16, 2006

All over the place

Well my running was all over the place this week, with kids being off and my sore ankle I couldn't run as per my plan. But all is not lost cause after my run today I had no ankle pain and generally feel in good shape. I haven't had the build up I wanted to do a PB in my half next week still if I'm in good shape at the starting line I'll have a chance.

I need a good speed session to give me some confidence going into the next race as I missed out on Friday's planned one and I feel a little sluggish. I'll include a recent photo of my boys the reason I couldn't do my run yesterday. Their mother wanted to go out with her friends and asked if I could look after them for the day. I dare not refuse as there are sharp knives in our house!


  1. The kids are cuties! The Chrissie tree looks pretty spectacular too!

    Good luck next week for the half. I'm sure the boys would have given you plenty of exercise - perhaps it won't matter that you missed a session!!

  2. I agree with Celeste, what little cuties. Well worth skipping the odd run to hang out with I'm sure.

    So is Christmas as 'big' in Japan as it is here?