Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Fucken Special

I'm on the mend, no worries, I think? Anyway I want to post this song for Tesso and Clairie in honor of their run on Sunday. As the song says!


  1. You've been hanging around Clairie too much ;-)

  2. p.s., hope that ankle comes good. Overuse injuries are such a drag. It would be so much easier to be a cross country skier, except I don't have the six hours a day available that they train for.

    I agree with whoever it was that said try stretching and massaging your calf muscle. The tendons from the calf have a lot to do with what goes on in your ankle.

  3. Thanks so much Scott :-)

    I luuuuuurv that song, my favourite Radiohead one by far. It's sure stood the test of time, if it was released tomorrow it would be a hit.

    Glad to hear you are on the mend ... er, maybe.

    PS She runs runs runs :-)

  4. Hey, that's not 'maybe glad' but 'maybe on the mend' !!!

  5. Funny how JJJ included Clairie's favourite word but the commercial radio stations edited it out.

  6. Love it! Thanks Scott, I don't feel too fn special right now - haven't run since Sunday and enjoying it greatly but feel like a bloody slob.

    I hereby promise to this little webpage box to get my arse back out there tomorrow....or maybe Saturday!