Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Did hill work yesterday which was pretty hard on the breathing after my cold. Though it did work to clear me right out and I feel good today. Just about to go out and do a longish hour and a half. I brought some new running gear this morning, long lycra pants, socks and ski type underware to protect me from the cold so I'm ready for the winter months of training.

Still I envy those in Australia who are able to run with only a "camel back, "lycra thong" and a "cheeky grin."


  1. Glad you're feeling better.

    Does it really get thaaaaat cold that you have to resort to thermals?

  2. Yes Tesso

    I need the thermals for my morning runs as it ranges from about minus 5 to 2 degrees in the winter mornings here. Although it only snows about 8 times per winter around here I can see snow on the mountains as I run most of the winter.

    Also I've spent at least 10 years of my life living in the tropics so I'm not real good with the cold.

  3. There are about 3 months (July, August, September) when some of us in Australia need slightly more than that.

    Is a 'longish hour and a half' much further than a shortish one?

  4. Don't wish too hard for the heat! You must remember what it was like in Karratha!!!! At least you can rug up against the cold!

  5. It's even more fun sans thong ;-)

  6. OMG who posted that photo of me running up Cootha in that attire. I thought it got burnt..... :)

  7. Hi Scott, if you were asking about the 'Speed Work' part of the Nic Bideau article...
    It is talking about faster than race pace training - in Mottram's case, faster than 1500m or 3000m pace.

    I guess this is similar to what I'm trying to achieve with the 200s (42 second pace is 3:30/km - much quicker than my current 3000m pace).

    My recovery: 1min 20sec walking, is enough to keep them at 42 seconds. I prefer walking recoveries rather than longer by time, 'jogging' recoveries.

  8. The picture I am seeing is not a good look at all. What holds the jiggly bits up in that outfit?