Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Take my hand Lord Jesus, I'm coming home!

Who are you to judge me ;)

Had a near death this morning on my run and thought I should recount it as it might, at the very least, save you from injury or, God forbid, "The Reaper"!

It was sort of strange the way this played out and although I don't expect you to take on board fully my interpretation, It did happen like this but you can, of course, make sense of it what you will.

This morning just before waking up I had a vivid dream about walking over an oval with no grass, I was talking to some others and it seemed as if we were there for the day to grade it in preparation for the grass to be laid. (Yes, I know why should I dream about Smoking Blondes, when I can dream about working with my hands, so to speak).

Anyway, forgot about this dream and went jogging as usual and about an hour into the run I pass an oval barren of grass, just like the one in my dream. I slowed a bit turned my head just to take a look at it and this car came screeching out of a side street missing me by half a meter!!! It scared the willies out of me and I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't slowed to check out that oval I'd be, right now, heading for "Judgement Day!" Which may or may not turn out like the uploaded cartoons ;)

Please take care out there! And/or check your insurance policy is up to date.


  1. Praise the Lord that you're OK Scott! The dream saved you. I know how you feel - I had one like that about 15 years ago crossing the road - missed me by "that" much.

    Going by that cartoon, I've committed a lot of adultery! I plead guilty to day-dreaming in church too.

  2. If it helps, I'll put in a good word for you Ewen!

  3. For example: Dear Lord! I'll say.

    Please have mercy on Ewen's soul!! I once saw him take pity on a mangy, three legged dog by letting it beat him in a 5K race!!!

  4. Maybe the guy in the car was in your masters cat and wanted to remove you from future competitions.
    Keep dreaming Scott :]

  5. I suspect that'd be like dancing with the devil Scott, but I need all the good words I can get!

    That's funny. I saw a three legged dog the other day - being walked by the owner near the lake - it had a 'twin' with four legs.

  6. I know how you feel. I can't claim to have been saved by a dream, but I've been on the lucky side of the "sliding door" phenomenon a couple of times (especially because I've been riding a bike for ~18 years). I've even had a case where a simple decision meant that it was someone else instead of me - sometimes I think there has to be someone looking out for us poor souls!

    But, you won't get the answer to that one in this lifetime ;-)

  7. For one thing,. you've got to get better reading material.
    As to the dream - awesome! Either you're a precog (Minority Report) or you just had an Extraordinary Experience. You should send the story to my favorite magazine, The Fortean Times (, which I subscribe to. This is not a stupid tabloid-type publication...they report on weird phenomenon, but they try to understand it, and generally do their best to debunk the crazy stuff. It's really a great magazine. Anyway, they have a feature called It Happened to Me, where people write in about strange happenings. They would definitely like your story.

  8. Thanks Bob

    I'll check it out. But I don't know about being a "Precog" the only thing I know of in advance is that if my wife cooks a fish, it's going to be burnt!

    Still life is strange! I'd like to get a handle on it a bit more. That is before I get steamrolled by a truck or something ;)

  9. Hi Scott! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely comment. I am very glad to hear that you survived that close call! Phew!!!