Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here are some stats related to my marathon build up. Some interesting numbers. A couple of things stand out for me. One is that despite the amount of Ks I'm running the weight is remaining stable although the body fat is coming down as it should. Sometimes there is a lag with my weight loss, it may start to drop in a couple of weeks.

And another thing is the 203km week! My most Ks run, biggest week to date. Very pleased to know that I can now handle this kind of mileage and not breakdown. Expecting a letter any day now from Haile Gebrselassie with instructions on how to recognise other plus 200K runners in the secretive "High Mileage Club" ;)

What do you make of these figures? I want to do 5 200K plus weeks before my marathon, this will either break me or make me, we will see.

Marathon build up COUNTING DOWN

From Week 14 ending May 7th. 62.3kgs, 16.9% Body Fat, Stomach 77cm, Mileage 104km

Week 13 ending May 14th. 61.1kgs, 17.1% Body Fat, Stomach 75.5cm, Mileage 138km

Week 12 ending May 21st. 61.7kgs, 16.9% Body Fat, Stomach 74.5cm, Mileage 170km

Week 11 ending May 28th. 61.1kgs, 15.6% Body Fat, Stomach 73.5cm, Mileage 203km


  1. Just a point of interest Scott, how tall are you?
    on the subject of your weight lose, the lack of weight lose might be due to your damaged muscles flooding with water, I know this happens to runners who run marathons day after day!
    Also I have found that after a hard hill run with lots of downhill pounding my legs swell up the next day and my weight increases as water is retained around the muscles, infact you can feel that the muscles have swelled!

  2. Good point Rick!

    I'm 169.5cm, but that doesn't mean you can push me around ;)

    Just like you said my feet swell up on occassion. Last Tuesday they looked like a couple of poisoned puppies!!

    I'll check into this, thanks.

  3. Week 6
    Weight 48kg. Body fat 2%. Stomach 57cm.

    Week 1
    Scott, Scott....Where are you, Scott?

  4. Dear Scott,
    I would not dream of pushing you around, after all you might thump me where it hurts :[
    And in the land of the rising sun you're a 'Tall' guy:]
    i think you have the idea body size to be a good Marathon runner :]
    Me at the same hight as Ryan Hall need to lose another 3-4 Kg.

  5. Wow, that's some serious mileage! You are definitely giving this one a go.

  6. Serious stuff indeed Scott. I'm watching with interest. The only letter you'll get is from the men in white coats - crazy.

  7. Just don't bump into me on a dark night Scott, or I'll smack you down with my 75kgs! Looking at those figures, I think week 10 needs to be smaller than 203k.

    Haile told me if you work on your tan and wear a yellow Adidas singlet he'll reconise you.

  8. Scott,
    Check this out:

  9. You reckon I could do something like that with my stubble Rick ;)?

  10. Well it might turn your Missus on !!!

  11. That is some serious training.

    Fingers crossed it converts into performance on race day.