Saturday, May 08, 2010


Found this while surfing. Really like the way he runs. Didn't look at his watch once and you know he is hurting but pushing on regardless. Great racing! Nice arm warmers too ;)


  1. But he did look behind him once. What a rookie mistake!

  2. Great video, horrible music!
    Yeah warriors do not need watches, only people who have self doubts!
    I'd like to see Ryan run without a watch.

  3. Were you surfing for a new pair of arm warmers?

    You don't need to look at your watch when you're in front. In that position a look over your shoulder is where the motivitation comes from. What's with the religous images at the end - subliminal message?

  4. Subli...sublimi....subliminal! That easy for you to say Grellan.

    I didn't put them there ;)

  5. I recently heard an interview with him; fascinating humble guy with a remarkable story. It is here if you are interested:

  6. I like the way he used the corner to look back - barely had to turn and definitely didn't break his stride.

    He may have been in pain, but in the last 500 m he started to float over the ground! If only I looked like that at the end of a marathon!

    Nice clip, thanks.

  7. Yes, very impressive. I knew he won, but had no idea he looked that good doing it.
    Why can't I finish a marathon like that??
    (Because I don't run 120 miles a week?)

  8. Thanks Scott. I hadn't seen that. He runs well - very relaxed and smooth. Yes, when racing for the win, a watch isn't needed.

    Get yourself a beanie, gloves, a USA singlet and a better tan, and you could pass for his twin brother ;)

    Still, being a bit old-school, I suffer a little from this when I see blokes wearing girlie arm warmers ;)

    P.S. Thanks Jen for the link - I'll check that out.

  9. Thanks Ewen,

    Now you've done it. After that comment and watching that video I've decided to get rid of the arm warmers and buy a lime green or canary yellow leotard!