Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bart Yasso

While I have heard of Bart Yasso, I didn't really know a lot about him. He has a great story and job! I read a good interview with him on "RunnerDude's Blog" he, RunnerDude, also does good work, so have a look at his blog if you haven't already.

A quote from Bart

"I tell runners all the time, my tagline is “Never limit where running can take you” and I truly mean that physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Thirty-some years ago, I just went out to run with Brandy the dog and it’s changed my life forever."

We know it, but it never gets old hearing it ;)


  1. At the very least it keeps us sane. Today had been a really horrid day until I went for a lunch time 7k with some of the guys from the office. Now, suddenly it's a magnificent day!

    Can't argue with the wisdom.

    No not Bart, but I put a running quote on my blog too! without seeing your posting first!

  3. Have you ever done Yasso 800s? If not, check them out.

  4. I've done them a coup;e of years ago, gave me a 2.46 marathon time, did 2.58 in the marathon but it was a very hilly race 1,750ft of climbing!
    Think Thomas did the Yasso 800's as well but can't remember what his result was.
    I think if you have been doing a lot of interval work they will give you an over fast marathon prediction time!

  5. Thanks for the link Scott. Bart's is a great story - and then there's the people he meets 48 weekends of the year - inspirational stuff.

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel