Monday, March 25, 2013

Coaching begins

Started my first week of being coached this week. Here are my stats for this week starting March 25th. I'm 1 meter 70cm, no change there:  Weight is 60.3kgs, HR 42BPM, BF 15.6%, and Gut 73cm.


  1. The occasional hamburger won't harm you, but no sweets!!

  2. Last time I looked, 170cm was pretty close to 1.7 metres ;-)

    I'll be interested to see how you go with the hard sessions. On the weight factor, I was running PBs at 70kg (now 75ish), but that was 20 years ago. Think I'll steer clear of Dunkin' Donuts for a while.

  3. Weight makes a massive difference Scott for sure!
    Last Autumn I ran my sandhill route with a 30 lb rucksack.
    I thought it would be easy but man was I in for a shock!
    I could hardly get my feet off the ground and had to run with a short shuffling style.

    If your new coach works with similar ideas to Pete Magill then I think your make big improvements.
    I had some good results following Pete's advice at the end of 2009, maybe I'll llook at his training again!