Monday, March 11, 2013

Encouraging numbers!

Here is the latest episode of Running In Japan, please take a look. Also, happy to say that with a little/lot of effort mid week with the diet the numbers are coming down. Need to be losing more body fat than weight but usually a lag with that % number. Nevertheless, 2cm off the gut in one week is a good start. As of today, Monday morning, March 11th: I'm 61.7kgs, 18.0% BF and 75cm around the middle.

One encouraging number is my resting heart rate which this morning was 37 Beats Per Minute. That is as low as I've ever seen it and a sign that I'm building fitness. I've been running "slow" my last 4 sessions all under 132BPM which is a personal number for me recommended by Dr. Phillip Maffetone in his 180 formula. It seems to be already paying dividends.

While I was somewhat familiar with Maffetones' methods I'm just now putting them into practice and feel more like the old me than I have in years. Looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

And.....I'm also excited to tell you that I'm close to signing with a coach!

More on this soon.

First MAF Test.


  1. If you ever end up in hospital you'll be setting off alarms with that slow heart beat. One of my friends was in (for a broken arm) and the alarms went off once his HR dipped under 50. Obviously the monitors are not set up for runners.

    Great work on the weight loss and the low HR runs. Both require a lot of discipline.

  2. That's great Scott. I watched a long interview with Maffetone a while back, don't know if you've seen it -
    It'll be good to see your speed improve at that HR as you progress. As he said in the interview as you improve you have to run a lot faster to stay at MAF HR and keep the improvement going. It won't be too long before you're down to 4 minute ks at that HR.

  3. Sounds like the Scott I know. Onwards and upwards my friend. Doing something similar myself with the weight and MAF.