Saturday, March 16, 2013

Found a Coach!

Things are progressing well. I've just put in three solid weeks of uninterrupted running, in fact, even though I'm not in any particular training for a race I'm running more mileage than I was for the training period of my last marathon. 100 ~120K weeks.

Simply have more time, on holidays, and my injuries, though not gone, are fading fast. This slow running is certainly helping things injury wise and today I was able to finish off my 25K long run with a 4:33 minute K with a heart rate of 127bpm, although it was downhill ;)

Anyway, one more week of slow Maffetone style running sessions and I'm going to start training with a coach. Yes, I finally found someone who is both interested in training me and someone who most definitely can! The gentleman's name is Tom (Tinman) Schwartz an exercise physiologist and co-author of a new Peter Magill book, to be out April 2014, tentatively titled "Running Body."

Tom is seemingly one of the best running coaches in America, has coached some very good runners, masters included, and made some average ones much much better, so I'm expecting the best. Check out Tom's website. If the testimonials are even half right, and no doubt they are all right, I will be back to the PBs before you can say, "Geez I thought his PBs were behind him!"

BTW wanted to wish the best to Thomas in Ireland and Nick in Gifu, Japan for their races tomorrow. Go for it fellas!

March 18th: I'm 61.0kgs, 16.4% BF and 74cm around the middle.


  1. You've got an exciting time ahead of you. I'm assuming that the coaching is going to be done from a distance?

  2. Great news and exciting times ahead! Happy to fear you're on the mend and feeling positive. And thanks for the best wishes!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Scott, the race went very well.
    Good luck with the coach, my running certainly improved when I got coached!

  4. Ah, the 'Tinman' - remember that name from when I used to browse the Letsrun message boards. Always thoughtful. Browsing his website now.

    I never said 'Scott's PB days are behind him', but I was starting to worry! ;-)

  5. The coach news is good, but I think "injuries fading fast" is even better.