Friday, March 08, 2013

Garmin ForeAthlete 610

Just got a Garmin ForeAthlete 610. Went for a few runs today to try it out. Looks like something I'll definitely be able to make use of. Have any of you got one? And if so please let me know how you are using it in your training.

Thanks Kim for the push I needed to finally get me to buy one, and for the company on the run around Osaka Castle this week.

I'm eating and drinking a bit tonight but training and weight is on schedule, I'll give more details on Monday.

The data from todays second run below.


  1. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Hi Scott,

    I've used a 405 for a long time (the grandfather of what you have) but if you don't religiously download the runs it just becomes a distance measuring device. That's fine for me as I just run by feel and the very long races I enter aren't really about minutes per mile. I know plenty of people (Thomas, Grellan) swear by the HR data the watch gives and they use it as a sign of their form peaking.

  2. I've got the 405 and I've found it a great tool to track my recovery. I use the HR feature a lot - if I can run a route at a faster pace with a lower HR then I know I'm heading in the right direction.

  3. Noticed that Scott - saw your 5k jog on Garmin Connect. I see Ben St Lawrence posts his runs up there too. I've got an old 305 and use it to measure courses and for the HRM which is as good as my old Polar. Similar to Char, I record heart-beats per km (ave HR x ave pace) on easy runs to keep track of aerobic fitness.