Friday, October 01, 2010


I know a few of you are on Twitter and more aren't. But I'm here to tell you that if you think that it's a waste of time you are, in my humble opinion, wrong.

Well, I thought it was just a way to share information that really has no real significance and that is right but what is life if not a series of insignificant moments that all add up to something worth paying attention to.

Besides where else can you see so many one liners in the same place?

Below is a quote taken from Twitter from the recently deceased American comic and roaster extraordinaire, Greg Giraldo.

“Gary Busey’s here, kind of. Jesus, Gary, you horse-faced lunatic. You look like Nick Nolte f*cked a Clydesdale.”

I follow about 75 people at present, including Gary Busey, and find it on the most part informative and hilarious.

Still..."If you should ever leave me life would go on believe me..."

And I've got to agree with "kimi" another person I follow..

Kobayashi Kimiko.
"I'm exhausted but can't stop watching my timeline, you people are fascinating like dogs that can do math."


  1. You tempt me Scott. When I get an iPhone, or return to 8-hour work days... not likely to be the former, as my Scottish heritage precludes it.

    I admit that Kimi could be entertaining. One-liners from Japanese beauties who think they are saying something profound have a certain charm about them.

  2. I hope you are following my words of wisdom on Twitter. :-)

  3. I'd like to Jon. Where can I find you? A search for "Jon in OZ" came up dry.

  4. Easy...just my name and age
    I am now one of YOUR followers!!