Thursday, October 14, 2010


"NEW DELHI: Tanzania's Samson Ramadhani, Kenya's Luke Kibet and Australia's Jeffrey Hunt could be the stars to watch in the Commonwealth Games marathon that will be held on the concluding day on Thursday.

The men's event is scheduled for a 6.30 a.m start and the women's will be flagged off 15 minutes later. Both will take a 10km loop, beginning in front of Free Church on Parliament Street and going through Red Cross Road, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, Rajpath, Janpath and back.

Talking of the leading runners in the field for Thursday's run, Ramadhani, the Games defending champion, has one of the best times, 2:09.46s clocked in Hannover in May, in the 24-runner men's field here while Kibet is a former World champion. The Kenyans dominate the marathon. They occupy 11 of the top 20 positions in the world list this season, however, many of this season's best runners are not here in Delhi.

Hunt, who impressed with a 2:11 time in his debut marathon in Beppu (Japan), is also expected to come up with a strong showing. Kenya's Irene Kosgei heads the field in the women's section with the year's fastest time (2:29.06s) among the runners here. Lyngkhoi Bining and Ram Singh Yadav are the two host runners in the men's section while Preethi Rao is the lone Indian woman in the fray." — Stan Rayan "The Hindu"

let's hope for some drama, slighty less than below though.

Post race comment.

Things don't often work out the way we envision and even with all the hard work that goes into preparation we can't lose sight of the fact that it's what you do on the day that really counts.

Congralutions to everyone who ran.

Today my thoughts have been with Kerryn McCann and her family. Almost the perfect person, she must be missed by many!


  1. I hope you managed to tune in on the wireless Scott. They captured the excitement (especially the closing stages of both races) pretty well.

  2. If anyone hears anything about Jeffery Hunt's marathon. I know the time and position but would be interested to hear how it all played out.

  3. Ewen I couldn't manage to listen as I had to work for the first half and my Ipod Touch wouldn't connect to my regular hot spot and kept dropping out! Very frustrating.

    "Wireless" Indeed!!

  4. Just read that Jeffery Hunt had "cramps" that pretty much put an end to his chances today. Got to feel for him though I'm sure he did all he could and feels like shit tonight.

    But the true measure of a person is how they come back from such disappointment and I'd put money on Jeff to do so with interest!

    As I was writing this I realized that I don't need anyone else to comment I'll just do it all myself!

    Efficient but more than a little sad :(

  5. It's ok, we love seeing your tiny face peering out at us.
    Coming back from cramps...I can relate to that (leg still sore after 4 days).

  6. Sorry Scott, worked late and only got to the computer now. Sorry you couldn't get it on the wireless.

    I also recorded it off the tele and watched it later. Hunt was with the lead pack for longer than Dent and Shelley who dropped off when the African's picked up the pace after a slow first 5k. Then Hunt dropped off and eventually Shelley ran through from 8th into 2nd.