Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've always thought we humans have a large capacity for empathy that allows us to care for more than those we have direct, face to face, contact with. Although I'm not sure this is true in the "virtual world" where our interest can be rather stretched by the amount of people we are "in touch with" via the web. Case in point, my blog is frequented often enough but few feel the need or have the time to offer any encouragement, by way of comments. Luckily I am, and we are all basically doing these blogs for ourselves otherwise there wouldn't be much of this so called.. "Virtual Global Community."

I don't want to shame anyone into writing "comments," just making an observation. I and I suspect most of us keep up our blogs because they have a "purpose" (although this may not always be clear, to my readers) and they help us in our quest of "mastering" our sport with the added value being that they helps us master other aspects of our life as well.

I really consider myself lucky and I'm thankful that anyone at all would even bother to look in. So if you just want to "lurk" feel free ;)

Have a look at this video it's interesting and it explains, well, a little of what I'm talking about.


  1. I feel like I have to comment on that, just to avoid the accusation of having no empathy.

    It's teh same on my corner, there are 100-200 readers apparently, but if you and your other ozzie mate stop commenting my comments are going to drop by half!

    As you said, we are mainly doing these blogs for ourselves, but I think the few people who do comment make it worthwhile. There's always something interesting in it and I'd rather have 5 regulars with something to say than 100 people just warbling on.

  2. Scott I've noticed comments on my blog dropping off yet the numbers of people reading the blog has gone up to a new high.
    i do get some none virtual feedback from friends and local runners which help, but at the end of the day we are as you and Thomas say doing it for ourselves!
    What gets me is some blogs get large number of comments yet the blogs are truly crap!!!
    On the other hand some really fantastic sights get very few!
    Anyway I always enjoy reading your comments, you and Ewen keep me encouraged and entertained, CHEERS :]

  3. ooops! should have read 'sites'

  4. Yes...I have empathy.
    I am not sure if anyone ever reads MY blog. But as I usualy just write
    私 の 足 が とても いたい です。Perhaps it has little interest!
    Please keep writing I enjoy reading.

  5. The "Google translation" of Jon's comment is hilarious... "I really want my feet"!

    That was a gem Scott - a talented artist and he has something to say.

    I like to show encouragement (empathy?) to blogs that mean something to me by leaving comments. Some of these bloggers will return the favour (for which I'm very appreciative), and some won't (or do so rarely). After a period of time (usually some months), I'll stop leaving comments on those blogs that don't return the favour, but I'll still read them. I worry that I'm being mean-spirited by lurking and not commenting, but I'd rather spend more time at blogs that reciprocate comments.

    When it comes to reading about all things running, I have the patience of Job... but occasionally I'll wilt. Sorry this comment is approaching the length of some of Thomas's posts, but it was an interesting subject!

  6. Hi Scott,I hear what you say when you say we are doing the blogs for ourselves, so why then do we wish for people to leave comments.Well I think its because we want to do the blog for ourselves but not by ourselves.Just like racing we do it for ourselves but it would be no use if others were not there to pull you along and beat you and lose to you.Empathy is to share the happiness or saddness of another human being.The problem with blogs are because they have no tone its hard for some people to express what they feel and are afraid of what others reactions might be.
    Take yourself or rick for example when I first hit your blogs I thought.. 2 sub 3hr runners will keep an eye on there blogs and might learn something but what could I have to offer them running wise.Im only on my 3rd marathon and struggle with things like hydration what to eat whats an injury and whats not all the basics..also I wonder do some people feel that leaving a comment is a bit of a responsibility that they will have to keep up this new found contact in fear of letting someone down a bit like txting someone and not getting one back isnt it true if you didnt txt someone back they might get a bit this the same for leaving comments..and if so would people then think i couldnt be bothered..all just thoughts on that clip..By the way really like the blog can't get that slowly monkey song out of my head..

  7. Really fantastic your thoughts about this, everyone! Just when I think nobody gives a rats .... I hear sentiments that seem to come straight from my heart.

    I'll try alway to remember that we are never alone.

    Thanks, and now back to the jokes!!

  8. ha ha...I used the word "いたい”
    痛い。。。itai....This means "pain"
    So I write "My leg is really sore"
    But "I really want my legs" fits the bill just as well.

    Run well all !!

  9. I love the word "lurk." Just watched The Third Man. The shot of Harry Lime in the doorway...the greatest lurking in film history.

  10. Hi Scott, thanks for always being supportive of my blog and my running. I hear what you mean about comments and such. I guess it's hard sometimes when you're so successful that people feel intimidated or a bit not worthy to comment. It's like - what could little old me have to contribute to a great runner like you? Anyway, I do appreciate your support when you do leave comments for me and I will try to be better about leaving more in the future.

  11. Scott, after reading Lam's comment I now have a hitherto unfelt empathy for your intimidating greatness.