Sunday, October 24, 2010

"In for a penny in for a pound"

Back by popular demand! Well not really but I like them ;)

Sorry Ewen I "jumped off the merry-go-round!" Still, not too upset with my race today considering how I've been feeling the last few weeks. I'm taking this as a good sign that I'm getting back on track and and now I'll build on this.

Having said that, it was tough out there today! Always find this race tough as it is the start of my racing season and I'm not yet ready or able to run at any speed for anything over 3 or 5Ks. I'm not the kind of runner who can just turn up underdone and pull out a good race, not that talented I suppose. Anyway I wanted to stop a couple of times during this one and I forced myself to keep on going. Happy about that. One of the times I wanted to stop was when at about the 3K mark, Erick Wainaina (Kenyan) the silver medalist, in the Marathon at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, cruised past me, smiling, like I was standing still.

"Guest runners!" what a concept ;(

Now there is a guy who is "intimidating" you probably couldn't give him much advice or tell him anything that he didn't already know. As for me, you definitely can and I'm always happy to hear it ;)

Oh, time, 38:26 (chip)


  1. They take me back to my Abba days -- although this lot have better dance moves.

    That's not too bad straight out of your sick bed Scott. I'm betting you'll chip 3 or 4 minutes off that over the racing season.

    Erick told me this bit of advice when I had a beer with him after Sydney, and now the New York Times is spreading the secret. Apparently to win you have to spit saliva all over your face while aiming at your opponents.

  2. MMMM, hopefully a slow start will lead to a fast finish in the Marathon.

  3. Yes Rick but before my next marathon I have to achieve my goal of beating your 10K, 34 min PB!

  4. I didn't know Ewen was is ABBA [must have had long hair back then] :]
    Scott yeah go for my 34.52 P.B. I set, this back in 2000 [only 39 then].
    not run a 10k for some time, BUT did go through 10K in 36.12 when I set my 1/2 marathon P.B. this year, taking into account there was quite a hill that lasted 1/2 mile at the start I think that when i'm in top form 35.30 might be still possible for me.
    If I can get down to Ryan Hall's weight 130lb maybe I can crack 34 again.
    Hope your legs are ok.
    P.s. lets here more about your training!

  5. Hey Scott, where/when are you running next? I was due to be in Wakayama but had a friend over from England. Beer took priority!!

  6. Taht's an excellent 10k timing even when you are not 100% in shape.

  7. Hi Paul

    Yeah, I was looking for you there.
    Next race, Nov 14th. The 23rd Riverside Half Marathon. Will you be running?

  8. I'm doing the Nishinomiya 10k next week, then a 5k in Hirakata (maybe the same event as you?) on 14th. Not stepping up the mileage until a 1/2 in Sanda in December!

  9. I think those three are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me Scott ha ha..Thats interesting about the Kenyan with all due respect why was he coming from behind.. I would like to see his splits..
    A new 10k PB might be a good thing Scott I herd one of our local running legends here in cork Donie Walsh saying why would you go to achieve a fastest time in a marathon if you hadnt topped out on the shorter ones yet.
    Dont forget you set two new pbs this year in the 5.6k and 10.5k races on hols both after the marathon.Why not do it before the marathon this time round.. and if they push the marathon course out to a 27 mile course its a new pb for you..(

  10. Hey, at least he smiled as he went past!

    I'd sign up to be a guest runner, but not sure anyone would pay for my airfares......