Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm having some problems with my socks of late. It's not just because of the high mileage even in normal situations I have a knack for putting holes in socks. I really go through the blighters. Seriously, I took my last two pairs back the the shop after less than two sessions running. Even when the nails are trimmed I still put holes in them.

If I buy really expensive thick winter type ones they will last but I'm looking for thin summer type ones that last!

Do you know of any?

While this problem is annoying I have taken to making "sock puppets" out of the broken ones and it has, in fact, helped me to break the ice with strangers ;)

An unrelated but equally effective way to impress....


  1. You could become a member of the barefoot running tribe!
    no more sock problems :]

  2. P>S> you look different in your photo!
    have you changed your hair?
    And is there something you haven't been telling us all, and what happened to the beard?
    anyway I think you look much improved :]

  3. No, same old ugly me Rick. But that's my hand in the sock puppet and I'm under the desk, where I seem to be spending a lot of time lately ;)

  4. I always knew you were sharp. Have you tried taking them off once in a while;)- you know, like before you cut your nails.

  5. I'm not even going to comment on the sock puppet photo.....

    The best socks I've come across are Thorlo running socks. They have extra padding in the heels and toes but practically nothing in between. I find that they last really well, but also expensive ($35 a pair), so you could destroy 3 cheaper pairs for each pair of Thorlo's!

  6. That's my dream house! The 'female' walk-in would be full of running shoes ;)

    Now about socks. Seriously. Like Bay, I have Thorlos. I've tried both the 'thick' and 'thin' versions. The thin ones actually last longer than the thick ones. My original pair is still going strong. I have about 8 pairs. You can order them online and get a 'free' pair for bulk buys. Mine are Thorlo Lite Running LRMXM-14 MINI-CREW. 14 is the size - 12-14. They're light enough to use in racing shoes but still have some padding where you need it.