Saturday, June 05, 2010


I'm thinking about growing my beard long. Somewhere between the "Alpha male" short trimmed one I have now and a "Hobo" transient crazy looking one. I want my competition at the next marathon to be thinking, as I shoot past them, "Hey now that looks like a guy that likes camping....wait a minute! Why is he running so fast!!!"

Should be sufficient to blow a few minds and give me a competitive advantage. Still there is also the danger that I will come off looking like a pedophile rapist but I'm married and not looking to impress the ladiez!


  1. Scott, well I hear that beards are very good for trapping food, which might come in handy during a marathon when your getting hungry!!!
    The only other good thing beards are good for is; When you shave it off everyone will go, Scott you look 10 years younger.
    You can wipe your nose with it!
    Pin your race number to it, if you go vestless on a hot day.
    Now the bad bits;
    Your wife will leave you!
    The kids will disown you!
    Your look 10 years older!
    your be less aerodynamic!
    And weigh more!
    So go for a manly stubble insteady!

  2. I'm sure Ewen will point out that your manly alpha male beard is the only thing that saves you from the total humiliation otherwise caused my those girly arm warmers.

    As I've said, that's Ewen's opinion, not mine, of course.

  3. I'll side with Rick on this one. Beards are not cool, in my opinion.
    Just look at the guys in those videos....

  4. go for it.

    Every man should grow the beard once a year

  5. I laughed at Thomas's comment, but you'll have to go the full transient hobo style to balance out those feminine arm-warmers ;)

    Scott, you're already surviving on burnt fish, so go for it! Then hitch-hike from Brisbane and line up wearing a tie-died singlet, stubbies, worn-out KT26s and footy socks.

  6. When you have the picture on the wall with you crossing the finish line in 2-29.59 how do you want to look?