Thursday, June 10, 2010


Just read the interview with Keith Bateman that Rick put a link to on his blog. I was interested in the following comment

"I have consulted a dietitian to make sure my diet is tuned to distance running"

What does it mean exactly, a diet tuned to distance running? If you can help make that a bit clearer for me please do. I'd be interested to know specifics like what kind of food you should be eating daily, while training etc.

Anyway if you can shed any light on this subject I'd appreciate it.

Another old song. You are going to have to humour me in relation to 80s music but it seems I have a penchant for it these days. And this song also alludes to another 200K week under the belt! "How long can you stand the heat?" ;)


  1. If you can find out the details of Keiths diet that would be interesting.
    From my own findings i would recommend cutting out processed foods, eat more friut and veg, lean meat, oily fish [ once twice a week] make sure to take a protein drink staight after a hard session to improve muscle rebuiling etc.
    take codliver oil, and a multivit min to be on the safe side.

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  3. Can't help with that one. He leaves no stone unturned - also consulting an expert on bio-mechanics to sort out his running form.

    Maybe with the diet you should get back onto the beer and build yourself up to Keith's weight of 69 kgs ;)

    Glad you're standing the heat. Instead of the 70s Deek beard, go the Freddie mo/Brian May long hair!

  4. I agree with Rick's recommendations. Don't eat anything from the middle aisles of the supermarket. Only the outside aisles - fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk, tofu.

  5. I can shed no light on Keith's Diet, however, I was at Wembley in 1986 for the Queen 'Kind a Magic' gig. I was impressed with Freddie strutting his stuff wearing Adidas Country shoes.

  6. Apart from the obvious - fruit/veg/nothing processed etc. burnt fish appears to work wonders for you - perhaps you need to up your intake.

  7. Grellan, it's not the burnt fish. It's the energy Scott saves by sleeping on the couch after complaining about said fish.

  8. Japan with the win over Cameroon have certainly positioned themselves nicely to go to the Round of 16. I win over Denmark is a possibility and would clinch it. Playing Italy in the Round of 16 I fear will be as far as this particular dark horse will run.

    On the other hand Aust with a first up loss are in a do or die situation and I fear it is all die for them. Consider the shame if NZ gets more points than us :-(

  9. Too horrible to contemplate, Robert Song!!

    ()()()()() That's me shuddering at the thought of it ;)

  10. Hi all,

    Keith here - sorry for confusion - re the diet - nothing special - I consulted a dietitian who asked me to list my food intake for 2 weeks and send it to him before the first consultation. He checked it against my training diary and suggested 2 changes: slightly less fat if possible; MORE carbs - that made a tremendous difference within a few weeks :-) Apart from that I eat good food, often. Cheers