Sunday, June 06, 2010


Relaxing on the floor watching TV this afternoon when my wife walks in and says "You're ranking!" I responded "Alright, I'll just finish watching this and go take a bath" No sooner had I said that when I was struck in the back of the head with the new edition of "Japan's Marathon Yearly, top 100, Rankings."

Seems like I'm 21 again! That is, I ranked 21st on the list of top 100 hundred 45 year old marathon runners in Japan, last year! The number 1 ranked 45 year old who raced a marathon in Japan last year did it in 2:29:57. With my new beard I'm going to go gunning for that fella ;)

Having trouble scanning this book but when I do I'll show you some of the stats, really pretty interesting.


  1. You're finally gettng the fame you deserve and with the new beard you'll be ranking even more.

  2. That fella will run the other way if you don't take a bath between now and the race.

    I like that beard. It's similar to the one Rob de Castella sported when he first won the City to Surf.

  3. Ewen is spot on about Deeks...but you should know that many likened him to Charles Manson!

  4. So I can tell people I know a guy who's on a GOOD list. Cool, because most of my friends seem to be on the FBI's most wanted lists.

    I wonder if those 20 runners know who's gunning for them?

    Well done!!


  5. With that beard, the other fells has no chance ...