Thursday, June 17, 2010


This high mileage is starting to take its toll. You know it took me three tries to even get that last sentence out right. The First one read: "This high molage is strating to take its troll." So I'll keep this short.

201Ks this week and coming on the back of 200K + last week I'm shafted and I think it's time to back off a little before something breaks. While I have been handling the runs and have in fact had some beauties in the last month, the good runs are getting fewer and farther between.

Today I did 16K in the morning and 22K in the afternoon. Before both runs I felt hobbled like the guy from the movie "Misery" and although I did come good at the end it was just too hot, 32 degrees today, and now I have a thirst I just can't quench! A sure sign that I'm overdoing it.

Next week I'll back off a bit and try to get some more sleep but the "World Cup" in Sth Africa isn't helping matters. The games are all on from midnight to later in the morning here and I do like watching sport ;)

Just as well I don't have "Direct TV" or Cable were I'd get all of the games. I'd have to watch every game and "that would be painful!"


  1. I just hope you know what you're doing!

  2. 16k in the morning and 22k in the afternoon, in 32 degree heat. Yes, "Misery" sounds about right.

  3. Imprezzith runingg Zlott, I mean scott!
    Yes an easy week sounds in order,
    two steps forward one step back :]

  4. That's some serious mileage. I know ultra runners who don't log that many miles in a week.

    Glad to hear that your listening to the body and scaling back a bit.

    All the best!


  5. I may only be doing a meager 100k a week but at least I haven't missed one World Cup match yet.

  6. Are you sure you didn't get that first sentence correct the first time? Molage and Trolls go together in Australia, just as a beer is the only thing to quench a thirst! It certainly makes sense.

    In the words of my physio, it's all about total load - might be time for an easy week to save yourself from breaking down. Maybe an easy 100k next week? Sounds restful ;-)

  7. Mate, you're sounding like a scene from that old movie "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" I feel your misery! You need to return to the simple life. Churn a little butter and grow a beard on your chin.

  8. I was told a thoughtful runner inhabits this space. Not sure I found him yet, but whoever this guy is that ran 124 miles last week is crazy. :-) Cool beans, you're made of tough stuff. Just don't keel over any time soon, please.

  9. Don't break anything. That is serious k's. I managed a couple of weeks at about 160 and just did not have any more enegy or time. Thanks for the Queen clip - one of my all time favourite songs and just so appropriate to many things running.