Wednesday, May 30, 2007

lighter, harder

Been taking it easy the last few weeks haven't run much at all only 5 times in two weeks and nothing over 7kms. I haven't done any speedwork or hills in this time to give the achillies a rest and I've been on a pretty restrictive diet so I haven't done any long runs.

Happy to say I've shed 4 kgs in the two weeks from 70 to 66kgs and I'm going back to my nornal, healthy diet, from Monday and going to start training in earnest, over the summer here, with my first race in October.

We'll see how the lighter me handles the new training schedule but I gotta believe that minus a few kgs and plus hard training equals PBs!


  1. Wow, 66kgs isn't much for a guy. It isn't really much for a girl either.

    Hope it makes you run faster :)

  2. I agree, that seems pretty light to me. Is the plan to be able to run faster?

  3. Well Tesso I'm not much of a guy ;)
    Still big where it counts!

  4. Yes, RU

    Our mate "Speedy Geoff" is around 64kgs and he can run pretty fast, as the name suggests.

  5. Yes, but Speedygeoff is 5 foot 3 (about 6" shorter than Tesso).

    Scott, if you're getting blown around too much at that weight, I have some more jumpers. You're welcome to the orange polo-neck one.

  6. Hey Scott, Celeste suggest I drop you a line - we're looking at moving to Japan and I was hoping you might be able to answer a few questions for me? When you have a moment I'd love it if you could email me: ... cheers!

  7. Scott, You and i seem to be sharing similar experiences lately. I haven't run much and my weight is down to 66KG. Ewen will probably tell you I am 4'6".

    I was looking at the photos of the pond. It funny the perceptions we astounds me that you could take a photo of an area that size and there not be any people in it.

  8. Hey Scott, wondering if you feel any loss of strength or speed with your weight loss? But, I'm assuming that you could build both strength and speed with specific training. Just interested to know.

    I'm not sure how I'd stand up if I lost 4 kgs, because I'd be constantly hungry!